Free religious fiction Kindle books for 18 Feb 18

The Deception (The Never Alone Series Book 3)

by Doug Dorsey

The third book of the Never Alone Series offers a thrilling glimpse into the adventures of Chris Washington, a rookie agent with the elite protective division in the US Secret Service. Tasked with assisting a team of veteran agents in what appears to be a routine international investigation, Agent Washington uncovers a terrorist plot that will affect even the most vital aspects of American security. Can Agent Washington overcome his inexperience and eliminate the hidden danger in time? Or, will the sinister deception taking place result in unimaginable tragedy? As the mystery unvavels, Agent Washington will face a far greater challenge than anyone would have ever imagined.

The Lady Bornekova

by Sara R. Turnquist

The red-headed Karin is strong-willed and determined, something she inherited from her father. She tries to keep her true nature a secret to avoid being deemed a traitor by those loyal to the king. Karin and her father butt heads over her duty to her family and the Czech Crown. She is then sequestered to the Royal Viscount’s hunting lodge.

Not aware of everything that is happening, she becomes the target of an individual with murderous intent. Her heart soon becomes entangled though her father intends to wed her to another. The turmoil inside Karin deepens and reflects the turmoil of her homeland, on the brink of the Hussite Wars.

Dead Earth

by Jonathon Biers

Eve was expelled from a garden out of disobedience: a Guardian of a tree. She will soon be called back into the fold, for a woman and child need protection, and Eve begins a search for a mortal who can help.

The Great War Armageddon. Prophecies spoke of it. Along with the one who would descend from the sky. The one did not come and Armageddon is now. The date is unknown. The date is unknown for the year will last as long as Armageddon takes place.

The land is covered with sand. Skyscrapers, torn open by some unspeakable force are now graves. They provide no shelter from the blazing sun, but there is a chance for redemption, for a child holds a mystery in her hand: a mystery she cannot understand.

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