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by Jared Snyder

Get The Amazing Benefits Of Cryptocurrency

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This Crash Course Includes:

A Brief Overview of Cryptocurrency

What’s the Fuss all About?


 Mine a Currency

The Difference Between Them All

Transactions and  Wallet

How to “Cash In” on Cryptocurrency

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 Why Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly the buzzword of the century. You can’t help but hear about it; every time you fire up a search engine or a news site on the Internet, there it is. And the one thing you really can’t have avoided seeing is the phenomenal way that some cryptocurrencies are rising in price. Before we dive further into cryptocurrency and how to trade with them, it is important for you to know something – although the prices are rising at a significantly fast rate, it is vital that you look at the whole picture. If you do, you will see that they can also drop at a huge rate, in some cases, overnight. Trading cryptocurrency is not for the faint-hearted and it’s not for those who lose their bottle at the first sign of a wobble in the market – there will be plenty of those along the way, believe me!

This guide has been designed to assist you in understanding the basics of cryptocurrency.

  • Have you heard about cryptocurrency and want to find out more?
  • Have you been confused about all the terminology that is used in cryptocurrency?
  • Are you interested to find out which are the best cryptocurrencies and why?

Then this guide can help you. Soon you will know the difference between a node and a block. Understand what mining is and how it works. Know how to differentiate between the good currencies and the bad. It will teach you about the following areas, in a simple, easy to understand way:

  • Who invented cryptocurrency and why
  • The purpose of cryptocurrency
  • What blockchain is and how it works
  • What mining is and how it works
  • The different cryptocurrencies and how to spot the best ones
  • What a digital wallet is and how to use it
  • How to make money (hopefully) from cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency: 2 Manuscripts: Cryptocurrency Investing and Cryptocurrency Mining

by Sam Sutton

Cryptocurrency Investing: The Ultimate Guide About Top Cryptocurrencies for Investing and Perfect Strategies to Make Moneyis the master manual that will teach you how to effectively and successfully invest in cryptocurrencies. This book unveils the secrets and reveals important information and strategies that will allow you to dominate the cryptocurrency market and earn your way to financial freedom.


ï?¼The truth behind the myths about the cryptocurrency market
ï?¼Basic rules of cryptocurrency
ï?¼Different ways to mine cryptocurrency
ï?¼How the mining process works
ï?¼The blockchain technology
ï?¼Different types of cryptocurrency wallets
ï?¼How to keep your cryptocurrency wallet safe and secure
ï?¼Top 10 cryptocurrencies in the market
ï?¼The most popular cryptocurrency exchanges
ï?¼Powerful and highly-effective investment strategies
And more!

This book is here to walk you through all the information that you need to understand the process of mining cryptocurrencies. You will learn a lot of the basics for starting your mining rig to help you get the most from your mining adventures.
In this book you will learn:
-What cryptocurrencies are
-The mining hardware you will need
-The future of cryptocurrencies
-Building your rig
-And much more
This book will also make sure that you understand the terminology so that you don’t get left behind. This is a great beginner’s book for anybody looking to get into mining. This is also perfect for anybody that is looking to learn more about cryptocurrencies in general. Get this book today and start mining.

Mentalidad Financiera Ganadora: Gerencia del Dinero y las Inversiones Inteligentes (Exito Financiero nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Herman Vincent

Usted se ha preguntado alguna vez:
¿Que seria de su familia si usted ya no esta?
¿Que pasaría si alguna vez se queda sin empleo, sin fuente de ingresos?
¿Como le afectaría sufrir una emergencia medica mayor o un accidente?

Estoy hablándole de dinero!

Lamentablemente, sufrimos de una compulsión por gastar el dinero que ganamos sin pensar en el mañana. No somos previsivos y, en momentos inesperados, nos preguntamos si pudimos haberlo hecho mejor!

Todo comienza con la decisión de detener el chorro de dinero que escapa sin control de nuestras manos! Pongale fin a las practicas de derroche de su propio dinero!

Este libro le ayudara! Descargue este libro y podrá, al fin, alcanzar una Mentalidad Financiera Ganadora

En este libro aprenderá:

  • La forma correcta de pensar acerca del dinero
  • La mejor (y casi única) forma de desarrollar su mentalidad financiera
  • El secreto del éxito para manejar sus finanzas familiares
  • La mejor receta para evitar discusiones por dinero con su pareja
  • Lo primero que debe hacer cuando decida comenzar a invertir seriamente
  • Las estrategias de inversión adecuadas para alcanzar cada uno de tus objetivos financieros.
  • y mucho, mucho mas!

Tomar el dominio de su dinero es algo que nadie hará por usted!

Es su responsabilidad! Hagalo, por Usted, por su Familia, por sus Hijos! Se lo agradecerán y Ud se sentirá satisfecho y seguro de poder responder en los momentos de necesidad!

Sea Previsivo! No permita que lo imprevisible determine su futuro!

Descargue este libro YA!

7 Secrets to a Phenomenal L.I.F.E.

by Howard Partridge

You are a Phenomenal Product! 

Everyone wants a phenomenal life, but few feel like they are living the life they really dream of. Many books have been written about goals, dreams and business, but this one reveals practical, real life, every day techniques for becoming the phenomenal person you were created to be, how to make phenomenal money and have phenomenal relationships. Most of all, it inspires the reader to take action in the areas of life that may have been neglected.


Maestría En Redes Sociales: 5 Redes Sociales En Un Solo Entrenamiento (Spanish Edition)

by Diego Bautista

Maestría En Redes Sociales pretende sembrarte una semilla que logre germinar hasta lo mas profundo y veas un mundo de posibilidades para tu negocio, para tu vida misma, utilizando el poder de las redes sociales, consigue mas clientes, mas prospectos, mas ventas, cambia la historia de tu negocio y llévalo al siguiente nivel.

Dominate Social Media: Earn Part-Time Money While Working from Home via Online Product Reviews & Social Media Management

by Michelle Clarity

Here’s How to Make a Living by Starting Your Own Internet Marketing Business

– You Can Run the Business Without Huge Capital
– You Can Work at Home or Anywhere You Want
– You Don’t Need Any Technical Knowledge to Get Started

Here’s a preview of what you will discover:

Product Review Master
– The entire working process for creating a product review that converts into affiliate commissions
– The right way to do a product research
– How to create a video review even without buying the product yourself
– The exact research to do before you start reviewing the product… (this will be your secret weapon in reviewing the product)
– Example slides to model as part of your product review
– How to optimize and upload your video for maximum views and SEO rankings
– How to boost your search engine rankings through cheap SEO backlinks… like $10 cheap!

Social Media Manager
– How to manage social media accounts without being an expert
– How to let others do the work for you for as cheap as possible
– How to never have to create the content of your clients
– How to create packages that small businesses will gladly buy
– Free sources of instructions on how to create your wordpress website and set up your payment methods
– How to choose a domain name /business name
– How to propose your offer for maximum sales conversion
– How to create an unrefusable offer
– The best pricing for different packages
– How to sell your services without trying to hard sell your potential clients

Starting and Running an Online Business Requires Time, Hard Work and A Lot of Effort

The questions is, are you willing to put in the work? Are you willing to sacrifice a little to have a more comfortable financial life 3, 6 12 months from now? The answer is all up to you. And this book can help you achieve those those financial goals.

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How to Sell on Amazon: Amazon FBA, Private Labeling, Generic Selling & Reselling – The Ultimate Step by Step Guide – Make $30,000+ a Month (How to Make … For Beginners, 2017, From Home, Fast)

by Alec Brewer

LIMITED TIME BONUS VIDEO INCLUDED: FREE MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO Shows You The Exact Steps Needed to be Taken to Build Your Amazon Empire! Clickable Link in The Book That Takes You to My Website!

Becoming an Amazon Seller – The Ultimate Step by Step Honest Guide!

Stop Looking For Fake Get Rich Quick Schemes, I Promise You They Don’t Exist!

My Methods Actually Really Work, If You Put in The Work And Follow Everything, You Can Expect Insane Crazy Results Over Time!

Please, Just Stop Wasting Time in College, or if You’re Thinking About Going, It’s Seriously Such a Waste of Time Compared to Building a Real Amazon Empire!

For today only, you can get this Amazon bestselling eBook for just only $2.99! Read it on your Mac, PC, smartphone, tablet, or of course a Kindle device.

You’re going to discover how to…
How to make money online by becoming an Amazon seller. I cover absolutely everything needed for you to start your Amazon career as an official seller or if you just want to make some quick cash, I have a guide for that to. It’s not a bad idea to use one of my methods to make enough cash to start your first own product, then eventually you’ll see the big money come in. You can start now for pennies compared to college. If you haven’t been to college yet, use the money to invest into your Amazon business instead, I promise you won’t regret it. You’ll make people at college look crazy for going after you’ve invested in your business for a while. This is officially the best guide on the internet for how to make money online, how to sell on Amazon, how to make money on Amazon, become an Amazon seller, Amazon FBA, and becoming an Amazon seller.

Here Is Just a Preview Of What You’ll Learn

  • An amazing highly motivational introduction to get you started!
  • Finding your first product and gated categories that require Amazon approval!
  • All about retail arbitrage, which is kind of like reselling!
  • Private labeled products vs generic products!
  • Finding the best wholesaler!
  • Shipping your products!
  • FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) vs FBM (fulfillment by merchant)!
  • Building the best listing!
  • Amazon pay per click & analyzing your keywords!
  • The secrets and many other ways to market your Amazon product!
  • An absolutely well developed conclusion to top things off!

Download your copy now!

Take action NOW and download this book today for a limited time discount of only $2.99!

Disclaimer: Earnings may vary person to person, I cannot for any reason guarantee $30,000+ a month for everyone. It’s all about how hard, willing, and motivated you are to put in the work needed. This is not a get rich overnight guide, those don’t exist anywhere, you heard it here first. This takes time, but the results can be amazing over time if everything is done right.

Create Your Freedom: Become a Local Web Design Guru And Make Money From Home

by Ray DelVecchio

Create Your Freedom will show you exactly how to make your first dollar from home through managing websites and online marketing for local clients.

Small business owners are often helpless when it comes to the digital world, and there is no better way to create a side-income while learning website marketing skills. You can create more freedom in your life by working on things you love and creating your own schedule!

This book covers everything you need to profit from managing small business websites, including:

1) How to Price a Client Project

2) Why You Should Choose WordPress

3) Web Design Process That Doesn’t Waste Time

4) Finding Your First Paid Client

5) Creative Google Search to Find New Clients

6) How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

7) Intro to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

8) Business Fundamentals 101

9) Future Web Trends

10) Epic List of Resources

You will also discover several free bonus downloads along the way to help you hit the ground running with your business.

Download your copy of “Create Your Freedom: Become a Local Web Design Guru And Make Money From Home” by clicking the “Buy now with 1-Click” button.

Bitcoin: A Clear and Simple Guide to Getting Up and Running Fast with Cryptocurrency

by Alford Benson

This book will give you all the knowledge you need to explore the fascinating new world of bitcoins

There are few investments in the
world today as exciting as bitcoin, the first currency to exist solely on the
internet. Decentralized and open source, bitcoin is not under anyone’s control.
All transactions are checked, verified and logged by bitcoin users,
sidestepping the need for bank or government involvement.

Bitcoin has only been around since
2008, when the innovative blockchain technology that makes cryptocurrency
possible was first proposed by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. Although many
aspects of bitcoin are still experimental, the cryptocurrency has been wildly
successful. Starting out as a hobby currency for internet enthusiasts, bitcoins
have appreciated in value so much that a single bitcoin is now worth thousands of U.S.

As exciting as bitcoin is, there are
still reasons to be cautious. Many people are skeptical of bitcoins because
they don’t understand the blockchain concept or because it seems
counterintuitive that something without any physical existence can still hold
value. Others are skeptical for more concrete reasons, such as bitcoin’s
history of price volatility, the huge sums that have been stolen by hackers and
the currency’s association with online criminals and the Darknet.

If you are just getting started or
want to learn more about bitcoin this book will teach you what you need to
know, covering all major aspects of bitcoin investing. Topics include:

  • The story of bitcoin and its inventor – a man no one has ever conclusively identified!
  • What bitcoin is and how it works.
  • A clear and understandable explanation of the blockchain concept.
  • An explanation of bitcoin mining and the ways in which it is similar to mining for precious metals such as gold.
  • What bitcoin wallets are and how they work, including hardware wallets, software wallets, online wallets and cold storage.
  • The history of money, and why bitcoins are more similar to traditional currency than they may first appear.
  • A comparison of bitcoins and gold, both of which tend to appeal to investors for similar reasons.
  • Bitcoin safety and transaction security – how to avoid getting hacked!
  • The story of Silk Road and the bitcoin black market, why some criminals use bitcoins
    and why that does not make all bitcoins users criminals.
  • The question of whether bitcoin is truly anonymous, and how to protect your identity and privacy while using bitcoins.
  • Vulnerabilities in the blockchain and potential pitfalls of using or investing in bitcoin.
  • What bitcoin exchanges are, how they work and how to use them.
  • Basics of bitcoin investing, including investment funds, transactions fees, taxes and regulations.
  • Price volatility, regulatory uncertainty and other possible bitcoin investment risks.
  • How to get started as a bitcoin investor, including how to select a wallet, how to select an exchange and how to protect your investment.

Bitcoin: A Clear and Simple Guide to Getting Up and Running Fast with Cryptocurrency
is packed with information, and explains complex topics like cryptocurrency technology
and the blockchain in a way you will be able to easily and completely

The Craigslist Trader: Making money with Craigslist

by Crypto Anon

If you’re reading, or considering reading this book I’m going to assume you are someone with a little bit of free time who wants to put that time to use to make some real money. If you’re an achiever who feels like your extra time could be put to better use than watching the latest TV show or mindlessly surfing the web, you’ve come to the right place! You want to leverage your extra time and turn it into more money, but without the high cost and commitment of starting a business. This is the solution, and this book will put you on the fast track to achieving your goals.

Frugal Living: Strategic Saving, Budgeting, Investing,

by Gregory R. White


Sharpen Your Positive Edge: Shifting Your Thoughts for More Positivity and Success

by Tina Hallis

Life can be hard! It might be challenges with your work, health, relationships, finances, and the list goes on. How can you manage the obstacles and appreciate the good things? This book makes it easier to –
– Enjoy more positive days
– Bounce back when things get tough
– Create better relationships at work and at home

It’s a toolbox stocked with 80 short but powerful strategies to help busy people like you Sharpen Your Positive Edge by shifting your thinking so you can be more motivated, happier, and less stressed. No wonder greater positivity has been found to lead to greater success!

We’re naturally wired to focus on all the negative things in our work and lives. This isn’t our fault! It’s largely due to our important survival instinct designed to keep us alert for problems and danger. But in today’s world there are very few life and death situations compared to prehistoric times, so â??â??â??we need a better balance for a higher quality of life.

The rapidly expanding field of Positive Psychology is finding ways to help us override our negative bias and also see the good all around us. The problem is many of us don’t realize we have this ability, yet the truth is in every moment we have a choice. The strategies and insights in this book are designed to make that choice easier.

Bitcoin Mining: 2 Manuscripts: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mining

by Sam Sutton

Bitcoin: Mastering Bitcoin for Starters is the ultimate guide that will teach you how to master the number one cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin. Learn the ins and outs of Bitcoin, as well as how you can turn it into a highly profitable investment. This book unveils the secrets that will help you master Bitcoin.


ï?¼What Bitcoin is
ï?¼What a cryptocurrency is
ï?¼History of bitcoin
ï?¼Blockchain technology
ï?¼How a Bitcoin transaction works
ï?¼The different types of bitcoin wallets
ï?¼Businesses that use and accept bitcoins
ï?¼Effective and powerful investing strategies
ï?¼Different ways to mine bitcoins
ï?¼Bitcoin security
And so much more!

This book is here to walk you through all the information that you need to understand the process of mining cryptocurrencies. You will learn a lot of the basics for starting your mining rig to help you get the most from your mining adventures.
In this book you will learn:
-What cryptocurrencies are
-The mining hardware you will need
-The future of cryptocurrencies
-Building your rig
-And much more
This book will also make sure that you understand the terminology so that you don’t get left behind. This is a great beginner’s book for anybody looking to get into mining. This is also perfect for anybody that is looking to learn more about cryptocurrencies in general. Get this book today and start mining.

Freelance Writing Bundle

by Shelley Wenger

Buy one, get one free!

For those who need more knowledge, Shelley Wenger is proud to offer her latest book, Freelance Writing Bundle. In it, she combines two of her books, Work from Home: Freelance Writing and Your Questions Answered: Top Questions about Freelance Writing.
Becoming a freelance writer can open you up to a whole world of opportunities and adventure. There are so many publications around, covering endless topics, that there is bound to be one which would suit you perfectly. Add to that the online companies which are springing up and you could find yourself with more work than you can cope with.
Inside this bundle, you will find chapters on important issues, such as:

  • What freelancing means
  • Who hires freelancers
  • The advantages and disadvantages
  • Making a living from your work
  • Retaining customers
  • The different types of freelance writing
  • Content mills, their advantages and disadvantages
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Where to find jobs
  • Getting paid for your work
  • Residual income streams
  • Taxation
  • And much moreâ?¦

But before you decide to take the leap and become a freelance writer, you should get a copy of Freelance Writing Bundle. It will answer all your questions and prepare you for the future.

7 Ways to Become Owner of a Home: Plus One Best Way

by Dean Harris

Why do most people believe a house can only be owned by getting a bank loan?

Because banks want it that way. After so many decades dominating the home purchase funding process, banks have succeeded in brainwashing the public. Why have their efforts been so intense?

The record breaking profitability that banks have enjoyed has depended heavily on generating enormous revenue from home loans. Home buyers need to be aware that there are alternatives to banks that are less costly and less time consuming.

This book shows you some of those other ways to take ownership of a house. You may have heard of one or more of the methods, but you may not have entirely understood or actually used them to become the owner of a house.

Use the opportunity this book provides to become more aware of the benefits of a “bank-free” home purchase.

Donald Trump Champion’s Playbook: A Shocking Revelation of Trump’s Accomplishments and How He Made Most of His Money!

by USA Today

In this classic work, President Donald J. Trump lay out how he play by the rules, clashes with the enemies, and sometimes go against conventional wisdom with a firsthand account of his struggle, failure, and accomplishment as revealed by the author.

“What I admire most are people who put themselves directly on the line â?? Donald J. Trump

A LIFE that is committed to outstanding success, classic achievement, and challenging conventional theories . . .
That’s what this America famous business tycoon and deal-maker, entertainment mogul and real estate magnet, and now the U.S President, Donald J. Trump, lives for!

Here is Trump’s account on how, through it all – through his experiences of multiple bankruptcy and business failures made most of his wealth . . . A shocking revelation of his greatest accomplishment.

While the time-tested, phenomenal breakthrough of Trump is well known to most, perhaps millions, however his repeated acute failures to the top of the heap and is near fatal financial hiccup in the 90s when the banking institutes gave him a bailout of $65 million and was near $4 billion in debt remains, ultimately, behind the spotlight.

His mountain, his valley, and as well as his storm were all time-tested guidelines that spell out his

Donald Trump Champion’s Playbook is the intimate story, the working principle, and the candid, inner struggles of a visionary leader to the top! You won’t want to miss this chance to share, not really in his success and accomplishment, but most importantly in his failure and setback.

Already Hundreds of Thousands of People Have Discovered How Donald Trump Champion’s Playbook Can Help You . . .

1. Double your income
2. Win over skeptics
3. Finish your goal in time and
4. Build your own capacity and mind as a brilliant entrepreneur.

BUY the book now and make a difference in your family, business, or community.

Needy People: Working Successfully with Control Freaks and Approval-holics

by Dale J. Dwyer

If you work with a Control Freak or an Approval-holic, this book will help you understand the six challenges that people face because of high needs for control and approval. It also provides tools and practical suggestions for how to develop competencies in dealing with bosses, co-workers, and peers who have these extreme control and approval needs.

Get Rich Spoiling Your Child: The Guide To Turning Your Kid’s Expenses Into Assets and Passive Income Streams

by J. C. Tristan

The crib, the stroller, the high chair and the toys look like money in the dumpster?
Do you want to turn all those expenses into tools that make money for you?
Does this sound like a joke?
Well, it is notâ?¦

“GET RICH SPOILING YOUR CHILD” is the book that aims to show you many ways to use the items you purchase for your kid and your experience as a parent to your advantage, putting them to work for you as you worked to get them adding to your portfolio more passive income streams. There is definitely a lot of money that can be made online using your kids or parenting products, but the best part is that, this scheme can be replicated with almost any expense you can think of.

All is required is the will to act a little more.

J. C. Tristan creator of the website

Belief’s and business – Faith in action

by J Horsfield @ Hearts Minds Media

Beliefs and Business

by Hearts and Minds Media

We have seen that at various times in the past, there was a clear social expectation

on business people to do good with their money through personal philanthropy. In

certain industries this took on the nature of a race, with those who competed against

each other in the commercial arena also trying to outdo each other when it came to

their charitable deeds. The brewing industry was one such example. In the 19th

century, almost all of the figures behind the biggest beer brands of the time were

significant donors. This was almost certainly in part a response to the ongoing

criticism of their brewing activities by the vocal temperance movement. For instance,

it is noted of the Liverpool brewer and philanthropist Andrew Barclay Walker (who

gifted to the city the art gallery bearing his name)that â??his business interests in

the brewing trade made him a controversial political figure in a city riven by sectarian

and religious differences’, and that â??many saw Walker’s philanthropy as a crude

attempt to establish his own cultural status in the town and to curry favour with

metropolitan artistic elites’.349 Critics saw his support for the arts (which admittedly

came somewhat out of nowhere) as

nothing more that an attempt to â??buy a knighthood through showy displays of

philanthropy’. Whatever the motivation behind their donations however, and

notwithstanding such criticisms, it was clear that â??. . . brewers were expected to be

involved with the community and to be charitable’. In fact, so ubiquitous was

charitable giving among the major figures in brewing (dubbed â??the Beerage’ ), that a

failure to give was reason for raised eyebrows. Fred King, of the still-famous Greene,

King and Sons, for instance, â??may be the only brewer of whom it never seems to have

been claimed that he made the world a better place by some means other than his


You will get a PDF (3MB) file.

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