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Deep Learning: A Technical Approach To Artificial Intelligence For Beginnes

by Leonard Eddison

Are you interested in Deep Learning<7strong> and you want to know what you can achieve with it?

This book aims to give you a full insight in the world of deep learning, taking you from zero to master with an easy, no-nonsense approach

Here some of the topics this book will cover:

An overview of Deep Learning

How Deep Learning works

Deep Learning Application

Deep Learning Algorithms

Main architectures

Our Future With Deep Learning Applied

Video Blogging: Make Money Online through vlogging on YouTube and other video web marketing platforms

by George Pain

Are you looking for new ways to grow your business? Are you excited by video marketing but don’t know how to use it.

This book is your answer.

Video marketing has become more prominent as more people join the internet world. Video content has become one of the leading sources of traffic as people become more inclined to watch videos than to read blogs. Thus, it is important to recognize your real and potential customers’ perceptions and act accordingly. Video marketing is the greatest thing you can do to serve this increasing consumer preference towards video content.

This book introduces you to the world of vlogging. It endeavors to show you how to leverage vlogging with video marketing so that you can optimize on your marketing campaign. It goes further to provide you with critical information that lets you compare video marketing with other forms of marketing to make an informed and assured decision.

Videos, just as blog posts, and websites, need to be hosted. There are plenty of video hosting platforms that you can use. However, not all are the same. Some are more inclined towards hosting artistic videos while others are more inclined to hosting social videos. You should be able to choose a platform that fits well into your marketing strategy. This book guides you through the various video marketing platforms and provides you with crucial information that will help you choose the best hosting platform for your marketing videos.

Hosting your videos is one thing. Effectively using your videos to market your products and services is another thing altogether. This book adequately guides you on how to use your videos effectively to optimize your marketing strategy, achieve higher conversion rates and boost sales.

Affiliate marketing is no doubt one of the best ways to market your products without incurring huge overhead costs in terms of money, time and effort. It is the most preferred way of marketing on the internet by small-scale businesses and startups. Even large-scale businesses such as Amazon have embraced affiliate marketing to expand, widen and intensify their reach. You too can take advantage of affiliate marketing. However, video affiliate marketing requires a slightly different approach compared to the traditional text-based affiliate marketing. In this book, you will learn how to strategically create affiliate-marketing videos and optimize them for higher conversion.

Though vlogging is gaining a lot of web territory, blogging is still far from being dislodged. The good thing is that you can blend both for maximum effect. You can drive traffic to your video channel using blogs. More importantly, you can also use videos to drive traffic to your landing page and product page. Thus, they are not substitutes but complementary. In this book, you will be guided on how to blog with video marketing to gain an optimum outcome.

Finally, social media cannot be ignored when it comes to video marketing. The greatest advantage of social media is that it can make your content go viral. Virality is a great gain to your marketing endeavor. Yet, not all videos go viral. You must specifically prepare for it. This book guides you on the critical ingredients of a viral video. It also guides you on how to make a viral video. More importantly, it shows you how to trigger the virality.

Here’s What’s Included In This Book:

  • What is Vlogging?
  • How is Video Marketing different from Regular Marketing
  • Different Video Marketing Platforms
  • Effective Use of Video Marketing
  • Driving Traffic to Your Videos
  • Affiliate Marketing with Videos
  • Blogging with Videos
  • Increase your Chances of Making Viral Videos

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Learn SQLite in 1 Day: Definitive Guide to Learn SQLite for Beginners

by Krishna Rungta

SQLite is a very lightweight database, with no installation required, zero configuration, and no server required. SQLite is widely used as a database of choice in mobile apps, camera, home electronic devices and other embedded systems.

This book is designed for beginners with little or no prior database experience.

Here is what you will learn:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Create Database

CREATE Database

CREATE Database in a Specific Location

Create database and populate it with tables from a file

Backup & Database

Drop Database

Chapter 3: Create, Alter, Drop Table

Create table

Drop table

Alter table

Add columns- Using ALTER TABLE Command

Insert value into a table

Chapter 4: Primary & Foreign Key

SQLite constraint

Primary Key

Not null constraint

DEFAULT Constraint

UNIQUE constraint

What is a SQLite Foreign KEY?

Chapter 5: Data Types

Storage Classes

Affinity Type

Examples of storing data types in SQLite

Chapter 6: Select, Where, Limit, Count, Group By, Union

Reading data with select


Limiting and Ordering

Group BY

Query & Subquery

Set Operations -UNION,Intersect

Conditional results

Advanced queries

Chapter 7: Joins

Introduction to SQLite JOIN Clause










Conflict clause

Chapter 9: Index, Trigger & View




Chapter 10: SQLite Functions

Finding the LENGTH of a string

UPPER Function and LOWER Function

TRIM Function

TYPEOF Function


SQLite library

User-defined functions

Indie games poster tributes

by J Horsfield @ Hearts Minds

Indie Games developers tribute posters by Hearts and Minds Media
The Retro Remakes scene really inspired some fantastic titles in public domain programming (2000-2010) which sadly faded from view and community activity when steam started to take over for commercialisation of the software scene. Return learn gaming has backed up the picks of the list to ensure they are not lost and contacted the authors where possible to offer thanks and compliments. Where possible to highlight their impact in this ebook. Hope you enjoy and any broken links please find the retro remakes backup links on returnlearn
J H, 2017, Return learn gaming
To the arcades, retailers, community centres and communities which offered a new insight into the potential for gaming to change and develop all ages in their learning; thank you. It was a learning experience from start to finish and being an avid gamer since the early 80’s I was glad to witness new generations playing the same games.
For the developers which continue to inspire new methods of engagement and learning for all ages and keep the dream alive.
â??The obvious objective of video games is to entertain people by surprising them with new experiences.’
Shigeru Miyamoto

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