Free fiction Kindle books for 19 Feb 18

Gutter Hoe Dreams: Episode 2

by Quan Millz

Darnisha, successful in carrying out her crazy plot, landed Tahmir in Jail. She even got her Tasia sold off to be someone’s sex slave. The Boss Bitch Come Up Plan is now a reality. However, her lustful eyes end lead her to brewing a romance, but Ryann senses her philandering ways.

Detective Speights, aka Tre, not happy with his cut in the deal to sell Tasia off to his client, confronts Ryann, hoping to get a bigger share of pie. Too much is at stake for his career and his side hustle. However, Ryann is reluctant, though Darnisha eventually convinces her to give in and give Detective Speights a fairer share.

Ryann, enraged that she had to give a good chunk of her cash to gang’nem, decides she wants her money back. And she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get all her coins back, even if it means going to great lengths of betrayal.
Tasia ends up in the hands of a lunatic who has a dark fetish that will make your skin crawl and the hair on the back of your head rise in fear and angst. Will she escape?

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Presence of Cyn

by Sandra Barnes

CYNDRAY JOHNSON, a wild and unruly teenager, longs to become a track star but instead races against self-destruction. Falsely accused of a bomb threat traced to her cellphone, she’s expelled from St. Pious Christian Academy, ruining her chances of obtaining the one thing that really matters to herĂ¢??winning a gold medal in the State Championship.

Hardened by rejection, Cyndray enrolls at Unity High where she struggles to hide her identity from her new English teacher, Mrs. Samson, whom Cyndray recognizes as the lady whose purse she snatched as a prank. However, an impulsive stunt destroying school property forces them into a mentoring relationship where an unexpected bond ignites.

Still longing for acceptance and tired of her strict parameters, Cyndray finds a way to meet with her old, rebellious friend, but lands in a situation that grows to dangerous proportions in a hotel. A terrified Cyndray has nowhere to run. For the first time, she contemplates her path and wants to change lanes. But when the lines between right and wrong keep merging in her sight, how can she get on the right track?

I don’t break hearts i eat them

by Desiree Stephenson

This is for the faint heart. The ones who will no longer take shit. The lovers who love hard. For the damaged, heartbroken but strong individuals

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