Free humour Kindle books for 19 Feb 18

Flint Stones in the Nascent Circus (Four Fathers Book 7)

by George Pritchard Harris

Flint Stones gathers an incisive edge, chipping into the temper of those times. Joe Cebellum, Tommy Wanderby, Fred Etheridge, and Sam Thorn are again on the precipice, the place where the road and the sky collide. Whether it is drinking a fifth, taking the fifth, or just five easy pieces, Flint Stones in the Nascent Circus scours the early seventies. Things that likely never happened are remembered with relish and verve. No icon is left unturned- Nixon, Vietnam, Drugs, Free Love, the Grateful Dead, even Princeton University itself. Make sure The Nascent Circus comes to your town.

Inside a Pair of Dice (Four Fathers Book 5)

by George Pritchard Harris

Princeton’s pervasive beauty and its few warts are exposed through the lens and artistry once found only when quill met parchment. Harris, the progenitor and leading proponent of the school of “Logical Fantasy,” drives an engine powered by whimsy and mirth, hell bent on finding trouble ahead and trouble behind. The pages of this book, fifth in a rollicking and ribald series, turn of their own impetus.

“Slice after slice of lithe force renders to those to whom much has been givenâ?¦”

“The four main characters persist in each going his own way while settling into the comfort and sway of a sashay that is now lost for the agesâ?¦”

“‘Inside a Pair of Dice’ is all penned up with everywhere to goâ?¦”

“‘Logical Fantasy’ gains its see legs.”

“It was once our town, now and never, with places to remember, a special realm where everyone recognizes your footsteps in the darkâ?¦”

“â?¦All the words combine to melt into a dream which then bubbles and brews, until one burst after another rolls back and exposes the back pages of a time of smoke and mirrors, ivy covered or notâ?¦”

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