Free poetry Kindle books for 19 Feb 18

Sweet-Tart Expressions

by Lyric Passion

Sweet-Tart Expressions is a collection of the poetry I wrote over the course of about 10 years. It includes things I’ve seen and experienced during those years.

Here is Heaven and Here is Hell

by Sourabh Tiwari

The easiest way to experience life is to learn from the long experiences of others. Ignorance and ignoring are keys for a happy living, but some have to dirty their minds with the ways of the world to timely solve sublime and mystical existential issues. Existence is such where we talk and regard evil to be harmful and bad, and on the other side of the coin there is something called “Necessary Evil”. Great men in their reign are condemned, but ages after their absence; made to be deity-like. The world is one where man has to “Shout out Loud” through their deeds to prove their existence; else he is as good as unborn. There isn’t and shouldn’t be â?? any good or bad. Examine more of human intricacies; astoundingly you may find some relating to youâ?¦

Here is Heaven and Here is Hell is a collection of versatile verses. No one’s time would be wasted; to know some core realities â??behind the curtains’ of being and the world.

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