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Thus Spake Zarathustra

by Friedrich Nietzsche

A 19th century literary masterpiece, which uses Persian religious leader Zarathustra to pronounce the author’s views, including the introduction of the controversial Doctrine of the Obermensch, or “superman”, later perverted by Nazi propagandists.

Presidentâ??s Budget Shameless Rich Versus Poor: Donald Trump Cuts Social Safety Nets for Poor, Seniors & Non-Whites

by Dave Masko

President’s Budget: Shameless Rich Versus Poor, by Dave Masko. It is the first thing a sitting president must do to “serve” all the people of the United States. This special “new journalism” report and essays is an e-book about Donald Trump’s budget plans for America that reward the rich; while hurting poor and senior Americans by cutting social safety net programs. The Trump administration said in releasing its draconian budget with an evil plan requiring Medicaid beneficiaries to work in what local social service workers here in Oregon dub as “a demonized program to first cut-off and then remove this excess population of poor and senior Americans that Trump and other filthy rich Republicans hate with a passion,” explained Brad Hinton during a recent food drive for area poor and homeless in Eugene, Oregon. Hinton, 78, also thinks “Trump and the Republicans have this evil agenda to remove all future hope from those who are not rich, white and GOP Christian just because these bastards think they can kill off these Medicaid eligible citizens without anybody caring! Well, I care and that’s why my wife Betty and I participated in the historic Women’s March on Washington, the People’s Climate March, the recent 2018 Women’s March and weekly Impeach Trump protests here in downtown Eugene. Meanwhile, local political science students here at Eugene’s famed University of Oregon recently conducted a “federal budget proposal audit,” and finding data pointing to Trump and the GOP wanting to end Medicaid expansion under former President Barack Obama’s “Affordable Care Act.” “We heard from both young and old here at the University of Oregon that removing this Medicaid safety net from poor and seniors not working will place these vulnerable American’s in harm’s way; while forcing them into deeper poverty, despair and suicide because you can’t eat the scenery and you can’t eat Trump’s broken promises to protect our working class,” added Hinton with real fear in his eyes. This “new journalism” special report and essays is a response to the Trump administration tax plan and proposed federal budget, as opposed to being yet more grist for the mill on why trickle-down economics doesn’t work. New journalism reporting is an engagement with the past, present and future; while presenting real-life stories shared during face-to-face interviews and conversations because reporting done online doesn’t count. For instance, Trump’s proposed budget request would add nearly $100 billion to the federal deficit next year; while aiming to cuts needed social safety programs such as food stamps, Medicare and even environmental protection because Trump views ongoing climate change hell on Earth as a “hoax.” Those seniors interviewed for this new journalism special report think it’s “just crazy that after slashing taxes recently for the super-rich, Trump is now doubling-down on “removing the excess population of America’s poor and homeless that number nearly 60 million, by slashing Medicaid and Medicare.

Beyond Good and Evil

by Friedrich Nietzsche

In the book “Beyond Good and Evil”, Nietzsche accused past philosophers of accusing the founding of great metaphysical systems on the belief that good man is the opposite of the wicked, instead of a different expression of the same basic impulses they find more direct expression in the wicked man. Work moves in the kingdom “beyond good and evil”in the sense of leaving behind the traditional morality that Nietzsche undergoes a destructive critique.

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