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Nadia’s Tears (Devya’s Children Book 2)

by Julie C Gilbert

How far would you go to save someone you love?

While learning to use her Dream Shaper Gift, Jillian Blairington met a sister named Nadia who has the power to speak inside one’s mind. Jillian’s grown rather fond of her.

Now, she’s gone silent.

Jillian turns to her friend, Danielle Matheson, and together they hatch a crazy plan to get Jillian to Nadia’s side so she can awaken her from the coma.

Meanwhile, Danielle tries to keep a friend out of trouble with human traffickers.

If Jillian can’t solve the mystery of Nadia’s coma quickly, she may lose both her sister and her friend.

Interview with the Author:
Q: What makes the Devya’s Children series special?
A: At the heart, this series is about family and friendship as well as the ethical questions surrounding genetic engineering. It’s been likened to the Orphan Black TV show. I like to think of it as a more family-friendly take on those themes. The premise is that a brilliant scientist and his team created several genetically altered children who have special Gifts, such as telepathy, healing, and dream shaping.

The journal/letters style is not unique to this series, but I believe ultimately it suits my need to get in these people’s heads. I’ve worked very hard to fill the books with relatable characters. Some of them happen to have superpowers, but as Jillian points out, everybody has gifts, if not Gifts. It’s just a matter of finding out what those gifts are and how they can be applied for the good of the world.

Q: What order should I read them in?
A: I suggest the traditional order of:
– Ashlynn’s Dreams
– Nadia’s Tears
– Malia’s Miracles
– Varick’s Quest
â?¦ before jumping into the prequelâ??The Dark Side of Scienceâ??or the Ashlynn’s Dreams Shorts.

The prequel and the short stories can certainly be read as standalones, but they may be more enjoyable once the reader’s already familiar with some of the characters.

Q: Where does this book fit in the series? What theme(s) make it special?
A: Nadia’s Tears continues where Ashlynn’s Dreams left off. The premise is that Nadia’s fallen into a coma and Jillian may be the only person capable of waking her. Themes of love and loyalty pop up. Jillian doesn’t have to help, but she wants to be there for her sister.

Human trafficking also becomes a theme in this book. Years ago, one of my students mentioned that human trafficking still exists in the world. I was absolutely shocked, so I did some research to confirm this. That was right before the summer I wrote this book, so a lot of the research seeped into the storyline.

We get to learn a little more about Nadia’s character. She’s got the ability to read minds and plan things on very large scales. It makes sense that she’d be aware of the huge problem human trafficking poses and have a deep, burning desire to change things.

Q: Can the reader get the whole series at once?
A: Readers can grab books 1-3 in a combination. I’ve not bundled in Book 4 yet, but hop on over to my amazon author page or website to get plugged in and keep up with the current promos.

TASH (The Anonymous Super Hero)

by John P. Goff

Have you ever wondered why all the superheroes that appear in comic books are always American? Could it be possible they were all based on actual events and sightings of a real person? Tash was born a normal child and intended to be a doctor when he grew up. However, destiny had different plans. He was selected and given special powers by an Alien race to help Earth. Assisted by Ashletta they completely changed scientific progress, utterly changing our world. Somehow, 300 years of advanced alien technology had to be incorporated into Earths sciences, so the world would be prepared. Working alone and in secrecy, this is the story how they completely changed the 20th Century. They were directly involved in many of the centuries most historic events. Creating the world we live in today

The Conduit: Book One: Epic Online

by Erik Anderson

Cliffhangers suck, but nothing beats a good twist. If you’re in the mood for the latter, dig in.

Alex enters the brand-new Virtual Reality (VR) game Epic Online. He quickly becomes friends with his AI companion Alicia, a self-described dashing rogue. The world is a blank slate and it evolves along with the players. Random encounters abound, and not every quest is as it seems.

The Earthside Trilogy

by Sherri Moorer

Three sentient races. Two wars. One sustainable planet. Who will rise?

Earth hangs in the balance. The energy aliens came to live symbiotically with humanity. The cybernetics came to evolve the planet. It’s time for humanity to take a stand.


The dead are rising, and the living evolve. Is it a miracle, or something else?

Kalea Kerner was an electrical engineer focused on taking over her father’s company, until her uncle sat up from his deathbed and healed her broken foot. The miracle of their healing without the aid of recently developed nanotechnology puzzles doctors, especially when other cases of miracle healings are revealed. When the witnesses to the resurrections demonstrate abilities beyond human capacity, both medical professionals and government leaders are desperate to discover why witnesses to the healings are evolving, while the people who healed them are degenerating through their original diseases. These strange events on the brink of the twenty second century unite doctors, scientists, and ordinary people whose lives have been turned upside down grappling with the possibility that something greater than their advanced technology may have come into the world.

Is it a miracle? Is it a side effect of increased technology? Or is it something else?


They can evolve with us, or they can die.

Hailey’s life was destroyed. Her father passed away, and her husband abandoned her when she was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease. All that’s left are a successful career as a lobbyist, and the nanotech keeping her alive. When a power surge through Earth’s satellite system blows out the nanotech it seems the last thing keeping Hailey alive has been destroyed; until the voices give her a second chance at life. The only condition: she must assist them with the evolution of the planet and the human race, without question or resistance.

Hailey wakes to a world where an alien presence has been revealed, warning of more aliens that have hacked into Earth’s technology in order to take over the planet. The problem is that Earth’s technology has been compromised for longer than they realize. Only Hailey, and others like her with extensive nanotech, know the extent of this infiltration. The greatest technological advance in human history has opened the door to an invasion, and it’s an offer that a desperate alien species is eager to accept.

Can humanity survive the arrival of another alien species, or will they be forced into an unnatural evolution?


Three sentient races. Two wars. One sustainable planet. Who will rise?

Earth hangs in the balance. The cybernetics are in orbit preparing for their final assault to terraform Earth, while the energy aliens have withdrawn from governmental affairs after a failed attempt to fight off the cybernetic invasion. Humanity stands alone against two alien races fighting for survival on the only known habitable planet in the universe.
But humanity isn’t united. Two major sectors don’t believe the alien threat and are preparing to wage war on the democratic sectors of the world. The three way battle for control of the planet puts the United States Sector government in a precarious position. Doing something about the terrain war threatens destruction at their own hand. Doing something about the aliens threatens the destruction of humanity. One way or another, somebody has to rise.
Will humanity survive? Or will they be destroyed by their own achievement of bringing unity to most of the world, while bringing two alien races home?

Do not have a hundred rubles and have one hundred friends

by John Garrison

Harry had to leave his moneybag in his room at the Leaky Cauldron. He could exercise restraint for only so long before he went and bought something, and the only way he could prevent that was by making sure he wasn’t carrying money with him.

Four Forces

by Paul Williamson

Thunder instantly became flustered when she winked, and Lightning rolled his eyes.

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