Free poetry Kindle books for 20 Feb 18

Sri Krishna Kavasam (Tamil Edition)

by Kannadhasan

AI Haiku Poetry: A Collection of Information Age and Ancient Poetics (Volume Book 1)

by Blake Ford Hall

Ai Haiku Poetry Volume 1 is the merger of artificial intelligence and modern poetry, using the ancient style most recognized from the Eastern world. These 17 haiku poems are examples of what can be achieved with the advent of technology, but still inspired by the mind of the poet. This short read is sure to interest the serious poetic writers, readers, and those who have an artistic appreciation. Ai Haiku is something modern, born of the most traditional and classical world ideologies. It is the first in a series of Ai inspired volumes being written, edited, and created by Blake Ford Hall.

The classic style of 5-7-5 patterned poetry is both ahered to and yet is not a restriction for writing in this text. Because modern haiku has broken out of the norms that have been traditionally ahered to for centuries. The reader is sure to enjoy this collection of cyber age haiku choices. As much as the author has enjoyed creating them, so that a new generation can be inspired by the power of haiku as an artform today.

Scars left behind

by Sonja Clark

Scars left behind
The poetry written in these pages tells the stories of destructive relationships. The love, the pain and the loss. The longer they stay -the harder they try – the more harm they cause to themselves and others.
Even in the end, they hope and longing for the wrong to be right.

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