Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 20 Feb 18

Abiding: The Chronicles of Formation – Volume IV

by Shannon Kuzmich

What lies beyond the point of surrender? Is there a deeper life to be lived even in the mundane moments of each day?

Abiding, the fourth volume in The Chronicles of Formation series, captures the adventures of a woman who has taken the deepest plunge of her life, letting go of the controls and leaning into God. Explore this unknown terrain with her and let your mind consider new questions that could lead you to a more peaceful experience of life.

Christian Devotionals for Women: He Doesn’t Care About Your Cellulite – 30 days to knowing how beautiful & loved you are

by Julie Rausch

Discover true love and happiness and abolish your low self-esteem in only 30 days!

Click the READ MORE to see your true value and how you are truly loved with a fire and a passionâ?¦.

Are you overly critical of yourself and how you look?

Are you lonely?

Do you feel unloved and unworthy?

Wish you didn’t have to worry about your imperfections anymore?

Inside your copy of Christian Devotionals for Women: He Doesn’t Care About Your Cellulite, you’ll find a wealth of information that will transform your life:

  • The true nature of your savior, Jesus Christ, through stories, historical accounts, and words of encouragement
  • Pertinent Bible Scripture for your specific concern or struggle
  • Confession and prayers, you can say out loud to call-in the desires of your heart
  • Free Bonus
  • And so much more!

Get excited, be renewed, as the next 30 days totally transform you into a woman of confidence, peace, and true inner joy. You are one of the main characters in this inspiring love story. It will be the most fulfilling and exhilarating adventure you have ever taken. Hold on tight, your life is about to changeâ?¦.

Don’t miss this life-changing opportunity! Get your copy of Julie’s Christian Devotionals for Women: He Doesn’t Care About Your Cellulite and start feeling good about yourself and excited about life!

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The Fortune

by Lisa Buffaloe

The Fortune
A cryptic clue — A setup for fun or danger?

Joy Davidson’s life is root bound to the gardening center she inherited from her grandparents. Orphaned at the age of two, Joy found escape in dreaming of an adventurous life. However, her dreams seem to have left her in the dirt.

Eric West missed his family, missed the Idaho mountains, and especially missed Joy. He’s returned to Boise ready to build an exciting life and has set in motion the means to make his plan succeed.

When a strange man throws a fortune cookie into Joy’s lap, will the cryptic clue inside lead her and Eric to adventure or danger?

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