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Hidden Light (The Lydents’ Curse Book 1)

by Nikki Bolvair

Parents divorce? Check.
Not wanted by stepdad? Check.
Fall in love with Hale and Zander? It wasn’t supposed to happen.
After her parent’s divorced and her mother remarried, Carly Phillips was sent to live with her father, only visiting her mother for holidays. Now newly graduated and scoring her first job as a lifeguard, she has the unthinkable happen and her world is shattered when she suddenly discovers, in the most horrible way possible, that magic is real.
If her world isn’t shaken enough, she’s suddenly sent back to live with her mother and a stepfather who already made it obvious she doesn’t belong in his family. For Carly, life can’t get any worse because the guys are still there and her feelings for them haven’t changed. She’s still in love with them and they couldn’t be farther out of her reach.
But Hale and Zander, along with their friends, Baxter and Colten, have their own opinion when it comes to Carly and they have every intention of turning up the heat and forcing their way into her life.

*Previously published in the Falling For Them Anthology Vol 2*
*Some content has changed*
â?¥ Sweet Reverse Harem â?¥

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