Free non-fiction Kindle books for 21 Feb 18

Half of Never: A Memoir

by L.J. Murphy

This is a coming-of-age memoir, written from the perspective of Laura Murphy, the older of the two children of Marie and Kevin Murphy. Laura takes the reader along on an awkward journey of her pre and adolescent years as first, her parents separate and then, her mother is courted by and marries the parish priest.  Her father, meanwhile, runs off with the family furniture, abandons their dogs and bails on his financial responsibilities to the family.
As the years go by, the kid’s constant babysitter, Grandma Mo, starts acting out in early stages of dementia and Laura, herself, is falsely diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Laura struggles to find her own path as the people around her spin out of control, weaving a web of mixed conceptions of what is normal and pure chaos. This memoir about betrayal, survival and family, written in a first person and quirky child narrator’s voice, toggles humor and pathos without sentimentalism.

Bitcoin: The Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency

by L.E. Sinclair

Greetings readers! I would like to personally thank you for purchasing my book, I know there is a lot of content out there on bitcoin and I am truly grateful that you chose mine.

If you are interested in investing in cryptocurrency, you have come to the right place. Although a basic introduction, this book will set your feet on the right path towards becoming a successful cryptocurrency investor.

Blcokchain technology is going to transform the monetary system worldwide. Cryptocurrency is an incredible investment opportunity. Between 2010 and 2017, bitcoin rose from $0.7 to as high as $7,400. The price of ethereum skyrocketed to almost 3000% in a short 9 months, and lightcoin hit nearly $95. This is an exciting time to be a part of the cryptocurrency world, and it’s only going to get better.

There is A LOT of hype in the cryptocurrency market at the moment. If you analyze the Google trends information you will find that there is a giant increase in the popularity of searches related to cryptocurrency. The number of cryptocurrency subscribers rose from 25,000 at the beginning of 2017, to more than 134,000 presently.

Unfortunately, because cryptocurrency has become so popular, the internet has been flooded with incorrect information from people trying to make a quick dollar. It appears that there is a new bitcoin project or overhyped ICO every day. ICO’s have started to advertise about bitcoin investing on social media and use celebrities to draw in the public. I have purposefully left those types of investments out of the book because I don’t want anyone to make bitcoin investments based on an alluring facebook advertisement featuring their favorite star. In this book you will learn about the following:

– Changing your mindset about wealth
– Understanding blockchain technology
– Using and storing bitcoin
– The pros and cons of bitcoin
– And much more

For the sceptics who think that this isn’t going to last, think about this for a second. Writing was first introduced into human history through pictures on walls, then came writing on stones. As soon as the creative mind figured out how to make paper and better ink, scrolls were ushered in. Next we had typewriters, less than a century later computer based writing and digital images and we haven’t looked back since. I can guarantee that every step along the way there were sceptics who said that the current trend wasn’t going to last. They were right in that regard, they didn’t last they evolved and got better!

I’m sure our ancestors are turning in their graves at what is taking place today. Things such as delivering a letter to another country took an entire year or more, but we are now doing it in minutes. What I am trying to say is don’t be so dismissive of the things that sound impossible. The way the world is going today, there is a very real possibility that cryptocurrency is not only here to stay, but that it will transform the entire monetary system.

I am clearly an advocate of bitcoin or I wouldn’t have dedicated my time to write a book about it. My thing is that there is more than enough for everyone to get a piece of the pie, so why not share what I’ve learnt.

I wish you all the best in bitcoin investing!

The Awesome Power of Social Media : How Social Media has Changed Everything

by Tony Giggs

Social media has overtaken word of mouth marketing. This age-old practice still works. Yet, information gets more viral or spreads rapidly worldwide though the Internet and social networking mainly through Facebook leads. Social media sites have become essential to modern businesses and marketing strategies.
I know the information presented in this book may not absolutely be sufficient considering the number of social media networks. However, it may be an opportunity for me to write a follow-up probably talking about the other leading platforms worldwide. Moreover, I believe to have presented a lot of valuable insights about social media sites and how they become useful to entrepreneurs.

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