Free reference Kindle books for 21 Feb 18

20 applicazioni pratiche della teoria di Pareto: Il miracolo de la moltiplicazione del tempo (Italian Edition)

by Albert Sobral

Fare delle scelte non è facile, implica sempre rinunciare a qualcosa nel nome di qualcos’altro. Ma le scelte sono necessarie e dirigono i nostri percorsi nella vita. Questo libro affronta i suggerimenti per fare le scelte appropriate, concentrandosi su ciò che è più importante, usando il principio di Pareto per meglio appropriarsi del tempo.

GROW MEDICAL MARIJUANA LEGALLY: In California With A Brief Summary Of My Experience For You To Copy (A Piece Of The Pie Book 2)


This book includes an abridged version of the bills passed to make marijuana legal.
This book also includes a government approved listing on how to cultivate marijuana.
And finally this book gives you my draft of what I did to grow 6 plants in detail.

Learning to Play, Playing to Learn: Life Lessons of a Retired Homeschool Mom

by Ruth Ann Lea

Children are born hungry to learn. Our job as parents is to feed and nurture that hunger and to do our very best to keep it alive.
It takes courage:
Getting A’s’ in parenting is more about embracing sticky messes and unpredictability, than having perfect looking children and feeling in control.
It takes time:
Time to listen–really listen, time to learn and engage with your children, and time to play.
It takes work:
Parenting is hard work! It is not easy, especially if you involve your children in your day-to-day activities while they are small. But the rewards are far reaching. And if you learn to get over yourself, parenting is all kinds of fun!

This book challenges your beliefs about how to parent well while giving tools to succeed in schooling your own children. Best of all, it can help you bring some fun back into the process.

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