Free horror Kindle books for 22 Feb 18

The Ghost and the Railway

by A.C. Hutchinson

John Shawcross, a man in his sixties who has recently been given the devastating news that he has cancer, falls down a hidden crevice in the woods, sustaining crippling injuries. There he lies waiting for a rescue he fears will never come. But the fall and the cancer that grows within him are only small fractions of his life’s sad, but often heart-warming, story.

In 1959, when John is just ten years old, he witnesses his best friend being struck and killed by a steam train on the local railway line. As time goes by, and he grows from a boy into a man, The Railway’s mysterious and sinister origins are revealed. Through love lost and found, and tragedy and joy, John discovers secrets, some from beyond the grave, that have profound consequences on his entire life.

The Widow’s House: A nice place to visit, but you wouldnâ??t want to die there.

by Nora O’Keeffe

The Widow’s House
An exciting new horror story by Nora O’Keeffe.

A harmless widow. An isolated country house. A desperate young man.

With his life in tatters, Dan jumps at the chance of easy money and a job in an isolated country house. Only the job turns out to be a burglary that quickly becomes a terrifying ordeal where his only chance of survival is to fight for his life. In the aftermath, the house owner, an elderly widow, invites Dan to stay. But as the strange nightly noises grow louder, he begins to wonder who really lives in the widow’s house.
A fast-paced thrill-ride that will keep you turning pages late into the night.

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