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Una memoria de los momentos maníacos (Públicamente bipolar nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Crystal Carabin

Entra en un mundo de sexo, drogas y Trastorno Bipolar. Una narración de dos personas atrapadas en una amistad destructiva, en una realidad violenta y trágica; ambos malditos desde el principio.

Book Bundle Package : How to Attract a Boyfriend + How to Get A Guy to Propose + How to Save Your Marriage (Bull City Publishing Book Bundles 23)

by Joshua Osenga

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How to Attract a Boyfriend : The Magnetism of Love

Life is all about the choices that you make and the relationships that you form. You can’t be happy without being honest, open and making connections to others. It’s not as hard as it seems. If you have been single for a while you may feel hopeless or depressed but please don’t. Hopelessness and sadness are simply NOT sexy. They are basically man repellant. The real way to get a man is to let him see that you don’t NEED him but that you want him.

Are you sick of being the only single girl on Facebook, at parties or in your circle of friends? Do you want to change your relationship status and your life? Everyone wants to have someone to share their life with; the joys, the failures, the highs, the lowsâ?¦ Life is just more fun with someone by your side. A partner gives you perspective; teaching you knew things and helping you to see the world through new eyes. Human beings just aren’t meant to be alone.

I Still Do – Bring Back that Spark, Save Your relationship and Rekindle the Flame Forever

Relationships are essential and magical parts of our lives that we need to nurture and cherish. But along the way, many of us hit speed bumps that make us question whether the connections we have are genuine and worth saving. We often find ourselves at a loss, not knowing whether what we do will help or hurt us. Luckily, there are different ways to get your relationship back on track.
This book will help you understand that different factors that often cause relationship problems, and what kinds of behavior cause distance between ourselves and our loved ones. This book will also give you great gift ideas, and will help fire up your creativity for setting up the perfect date in order to bring the love back into your relationship.

Getting him to propose: Getting Him down on one Knee and Popping the Question

Getting Him down on one Knee and Popping the Question : How to Get Your Guy to Propose
Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…
The fantasy of marriage is not always the same as the reality and men are often scared to commit because they have a more rational view of what it means to be married. It’s not all white dresses and big diamonds. Men know that they will have to provide for you and want to do the best that they can for you and a future family. They are afraid of failing or being compared to other men. If you want a man to commit to you, your best bet is to be independent, realistic, and not to ever PUSH him to do something he doesn’t want to do.

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Letter To My Estranged Daughters

by Jessica Croft

A Mother’s true heartfelt letter to the daughters that really know very little about her life or who she really is. It is a letter than has been written but will never ever be sent for fear of being dismissed or disbelieved. These two girls will always be just two pieces of the jigsaw that are missing and would have completed this family picture.

The Family: A Guide on Family Types

by Sonu Patidar

Families are the place where we actually connect ourself in the relationship of the generations. It is one of the most important socioeconomic institution that is present in our society. Our families are the actual place where we actually get the utmost happiness and the deeper weakness as they are our actual power and they provide the potential to perform well. The family is the divine gift of God that is the major and basic building block of the society on this earth. It has started the civilization’s foundation and it is actually the place where we learn the trust, cooperation and loyalty.

Raksha Bandhan Festival Special Book Kit: Inspiring Stories, Quotes, Poems, Gift ideas, and more about a great festival of lovingly Brother-Sister relationship celebration

by M.B Sathya Narayan

“Heartiest Raksha Bandhan Greetings”

Raksha Bandhan is an Indian Festival celebrated between brothers and sister mainly. There is huge importance for this festival. This festival signifies the importance of the relationship that exists between brothers and sisters.
On this day sister expresses her love and affection for her brother by tying Rakhi on his wrist of the right hand.
This little Guide is specially written to meet the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.
This guide mainly covers Inspirational stories that deal with brother and sister relationship, Raksha Bandhan Quotes, Poems, Best gift ideas and much more
This is the special festival guide which gives you little ideas and inspiration for celebrating the festival with more joy and happiness

This guide mainly contain three inspiring stories which involve brothers and sisters, Best Raksha Bandhan Quotes, poems, few best gift ideas for brothers and best gift ideas for sisters

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Raksha Bandhan greetings to you and your family

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