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The Fountain of Living Waters: Learn to Fellowship with the Holy Spirit and Experience Intimacy With God

by Pablo Perez

How to Engage the Holy Spirit and Grow in Intimacy with Jesus. Inside FOUNTAIN OF LIVING WATERS you will learn:

  • The Secrets of Your Burning Heart
  • The Core Human Dilemma
  • From Survival to Fellowship
  • The Never Ending Encounter
  • Falling in Love with a Harlot
  • The Most Important Question of Your Life
  • The Gospel in One Word
  • The Ravished Heart of God
  • Knowing and Believing (2 Different Things)
  • The 5-Dimensional Mystery of Hardwired Faith
  • Eyewitness of God’s Majesty

» Truly, you were made for God, designed to love Him and be loved by Himâ??the magnificence of God’s person is your birthright and inheritanceâ??you exist to be fascinated by His beauty, allured by His love and His presence is the environment you were created for.

» Yet, it’s easy for you and I to live disconnected from this heavenly atmosphere. We navigate through life believing lies that we were told are true, feeling emotions that reflect those lies and overheating our minds with the cares of this world. 

» As if this weren’t enough, an ocean of distractions threatens your sanity. Multitudes of voices call for your attention: “Come here and find life!”, “Follow me!”, “Buy this; it will cure your pain”. Both, the media and savvy marketers have identified your thirst. They understand your “emotional brain” and how to seduce your longings for profit…

» Own your copy today. The Fountain of Living Waters can revolutionize your life and deepen your relationship with God. 

The 44 Rules of Amateur Sleuthing

by Jamie Nash

From the writer of Nickelodeon’s SANTA HUNTERS and TINY CHRISTMAS — read the first book in this new epic middle-school detective series filled with laughs.

Twelve-year-old Mandrake Mandrake is the world’s greatest detective.

Nobody cares.

The cops take credit for all the mysteries he solves, his grandmother is more interested in his “suspect” Algebra grades, and he lives in the shadow of his parents — the most feared super villains in the history of super villainry!
But respect is on the upswing when an all-star team of gumshoes enlists Mandrake to help crack an impossible case — how did Mandrake’s dastardly father escape from an inescapable super-prison? And what evil scheme is he hatching now?

Mandrake has never met his infamous dad. In fact, he’s spent his entire life trying to distance himself from his father’s dark legacy.

But when the other master detectives are captured inside the super prison and all of its criminal occupants are unleashed on the city, Mandrake must save the day by doing the very thing he fears most – trying to understand the twisted brain of the evil mastermind father who ruined his life.

Age Level: 8- 14 | US Grade Level: 4th – 8th

Momma Bear

by Deontae Henderson

Being a mother is the most important job in the world, and children don’t always show the gratitude or appreciation their mother so rightly deserves. This story provides readers with a simple way of understanding a powerful bond between a mother and her children. In Momma Bear, a mother’s love and dedication earns her the greatest honor a mother could receive.

The Volcano Elves in Iceland: A Friendship is Born

by Ã?mar Ingi Tryggvason

In this story we get to know three volcano elves who all live in a beautiful place called Fire Lava, in Iceland, which was created in one of the greatest eruption in history. This story is ideal as a bed time story with colorful drawings, fairy tale plot and it delivers healthy message about friendship.

The three volcano elves, Loudy, Oldy and Shorty all live in Fire Lava without knowing about each other. One day Oldy gets in danger when walking around in the lava, that’s when they all finally meet and are obliged to combine their strengths to help him out.

Download The Volcano Elves in Iceland today, it’s a fun and exciting book to read. The audience get to know elves, Iceland, the northern lights and first and foremost the importance of good friendship.

Winter Olympic Dreams (Sammy the Bird Book)

by V Moua

Children’s Book: Winter Olympic Dreams
Bedtime Stories for Kids

Sammy has BIG dreams of competing in the next Winter Olympics. The only problem is…which event will he train for? Read along as this little red bird needs your help to discover which Olympic event he is best at!

This is a read aloud kids book and is easy to read. The target age range audience is for toddlers, preschool and young children.

This is a book that any child will love, especially at bedtime. It is suitable for parents to read to their children. Grandparents will definitely enjoy reading this book to their grandchildren.

Read this children’s book FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited membership!

Recetario de postres: Deliciosos (La cocina de nina nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Oswaldo Romero

Aprende a hacer unos postres deliciosos

Nerd Power (Diary of a Boy Genius Book 1)

by H.T. Night

Cody Greer has made it. He’s finally in the sixth grade and king of the world. Or, at least, king of his school. Cody has a lot going for him but has only one thing on his mindâ??winning the heart of the new girl in school, Sarah Davis.

But who knew that the sixth grade could be so much work? Almost immediately, Cody defends Sarah’s honor, plays his arch-rival, Eric Mullen, in the championship football game and still manages to somehow find time to be the lead in the school play.

And as he navigates through the treacherous waters of his final year at Wenchester Elementaryâ??as he experiences his first love, his first kiss, a painful loss, and more fun and laughs and tears than he ever bargained forâ??Cody Greer will discover the true meaning of friendship and learn that life has a funny way of throwing you a few curve balls. Luckily, Cody knows just how to keep his eye on the ball.


“What a fun ride! Night displays an uncanny knack to capture the thoughts and language of youth. Nerd Power is heroic, funny, and most of all, real.”
â??Summer Lee, author of Beach Angel

“Nerd Power is pitch-perfect. More than anything, the author is a natural born storyteller. Think Nicholas Sparks meets Judy Blume. The story itself is inspiring and hilarious and will stay with you for some time to come. Night captures the thoughts and feelings of six-graders everywhere in a wonderfully touching and moving tale.”
â??J.R. Rain, author of The Mystery of the Walking Statue

“This is why I love reading! Nerd Power is hilarious, thought-provoking and poignant!”
â??Elaine Babich, author You Never Called Me Princess

“Sweet and heart-warming. I absolutely fell in love with Nerd Power.”
â??Leilani Bennett, author of As I Fade

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