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The Light Leads to Love (Reflections of Faith Book 3)

by Faith Blum

A mother comes face to face with the woman who would have murdered her baby.

A child who’s been betrayed by everyone hurts the only man who’s ever shown her kindness.

A teen stands at the crossroads of his impulses and his convictions.

A reformed addict needs help from a total stranger to protect her child.

Love lies at the heart of the Christian’s journey, but in moments of crisis, love often seems the most difficult of the virtues. In this anthology, nine of the brightest voices in independent Christian fiction offer novelettes about individuals at the crossroads, and the opportunities they have to respond with Christian love in all its forms.

“By this, everyone will know that you are my disciples.”

Whether it’s a grieving husband or a girl dead before her time, each soul finds itself face to face with a choice: follow Christ’s toughest commandment, or remain focused on oneself.

Join these nine authors on a journey into the most difficult facet of the Christian life, but the one by which Christ Himself promised we would be recognized.

Patricia Bell · Faith Blum · Bokerah Brumley · A-M Frisby · Dyanne Gordon Green · Jane Lebak · Leila Tualla · Robin Merrill · C.L. Wells

Like The Ocean Moves: Book One of the Torchbearer Series (The Torchbearers 1)

by Liz Mitchell

Torchbearers are those who walk among us to bring Heaven to Earth, light to darkness. In this story they wage battles alongside angels and saints against the power of Hell to dismantle an international human trafficking ring.

As the clock ticks, six year-old Katey is held captive by those who price her to be sold to the highest bidder. Her best friend, Jonas, and his mother, Amy, take an unexpected journey to Heaven where they see wonders they’ve never imagined before meeting King Jesus and being tasked with a mission: rescue Katey.

Amy and Jonas join forces with Nashville Metro Police detective John Yates to launch a combined attack of physical and spiritual warfare that spans the globe in a showdown between Heaven and Hell, leaving no doubt that miracles still happen and they are accessible to even the smallest Torchbearer.

The Last Wizard: Case Files: Prologue

by Allen Brown

This book has won the Pitch Perfect Finalist at Underground Book Reviews

Balan was the youngest wizard to join the Mage High Council, crude and unspoken beyond his years. Now, we venture through the eyes of the last surviving wizard in a world recovering decades after The Great War which gave The Church and their Crusaders power over Europe.

This fast paced narrative will follow the steps of a wizard concealing his identity while solving crimes in Old Victorian London, until a ghost from his past returns determined to bring an end to the Church and its establishment through any means.

This novel is made up of the Shorts: The Master, (Prologue to The Last Wizard: Rebirth). Secondly, The Apprentice, will show us the life of Jinn, Balan’s apprentice. Both are in tandem of The Last Wizard Series.

It also includes a bonus third short, Winter Wonderland. A must read story that will leave you guessing until the, very. Last. Minute.

The Sulla Conspiracy: Messiah

by Trevor Amos

One Roman’s obsession with creating a powerful and wealthy religious order leads to the creation of Jesus, the Messiah, the Catholic Church and a ruthless family dynasty that will endlessly battle the offspring of Jesus & Mary Magdalene.through the centuries and into the future. This is volume one of a trilogy.

Stepbrother Dearest: Torn Between Two Stepbrothers (Stepbrother Romance, Contemporary Romance, Menage Romance)

by Beverly Marsh

Torn Between Two Stepbrothers

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When Lucy West comes home from college for the summer, she finds that her ideas are about to radically change…

Upon arriving at her house, she sees her gorgeous stepbrother, Kyle, living in her childhood home.

The naughty thoughts she has around Kyle are almost too much to bear, and when he catches her off-guard with a public kiss as he attempts to save her from an awkward situation, her feelings only get stronger.

When Leo, Lucy’s other stepbrother, joins them for the summer as well, she finds out that he’s equally as attractive.

Just as Lucy starts to think her desires will never be fulfilled and wonder how she can possibly stay sane, her stepbrothers reveal that they know her secret.

And, fortunately for them all, the three of them find a solution that satisfies everybody, and Lucy learns that it’s not a bad thing to be torn between two stepbrothers.

WARNING: This ebook contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language. Only for adult eyes!

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