Free historical fiction Kindle books for 24 Feb 18

perygamyaoz (Spanish Edition)

by Esput Frakashkov


The Gulistan of Saadi in English Language: SHEIKH SAADI (GOLESTAN SAADI Book 13)


Laudation to the God of majesty and glory! Obedience to him is a cause of approach and gratitude in increase of benefits. Every inhalation of the breath prolongs life and every expiration of it gladdens our nature; wherefore every breath confers two benefits and for every benefit gratitude is due. Whose hand and tongue is capable To fulfil the obligations of thanks to him? Words of the most high: Be thankful, O family of David, and but few of my servants are thankful. It is best to a worshipper for his transgressions To offer apologies at the throne of God, Although what is worthy of his dignity No one is able to accomplish. The showers of his boundless mercy have penetrated to every spot, and the banquet of his unstinted liberality is spread out everywhere. He tears not the veil of reputation of his worshippers even for grievous sins, and does not withhold their daily allowance of bread for great crimes. O bountiful One, who from thy invisible treasury Suppliest the Guebre and the Christian with food, How could’st thou disappoint thy friends, Whilst having regard for thy enemies? He told the chamberlain of the morning breeze to spread out the emerald carpet and, having commanded the nurse of vernal clouds to cherish the daughters of plants in the cradle of the earth, the trees donned the new year’s robe and clothed their breast with the garment of green foliage, whilst their offspring, the branches, adorned their heads with blossoms at the approach of the season of the roses. Also the juice of the cane became delicious honey by his power, and the date a lofty tree by his care. Cloud and wind, moon and sun move in the sky That thou mayest gain bread, and not eat it unconcerned. For thee all are revolving and obedient.

Aequitas Cultus (Spanish Edition)

by Basajaun (El)

Valle del Salcedón, noviembre de 1693
Una prostituta da a luz. Dos frailes se hacen cargo de la joven madre y su fruto, a la par que unas muertes muy poco convencionales comienzan a prodigarse por el valle. Los frailes tratarán a partir de entonces de hacerse cargo de la pequeña familia, esclarecer las muertes, y a su vez, sobre todo uno de ellos, de enfrentarse a sus propias convicciones morales y religiosas. Pero ambos frailes, que no son lo que parecen, han de dejar asuntos pendientes: una antigua y temida hermandad de la que forman parte, les reclama para terminar el trabajo para el cual se les captó en el pasado. Deberán entonces a partir a cumplir con su cometido a la corte del rey. En los años venideros se mezclarán en sus vidas su fe, su deber, las creencias de su tierra, la inquisición… y procurarán impedir que se cumpla una terrible profecía.
Mientras todo esto ocurre, un misterioso hombre recorre los campos de batalla de Europa, cumpliendo la promesa hecha ante el cadáver de su madre.

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