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Mouse Jokes for Kids: Animal Jokes and Riddles for Kids (with Illustrations)

by Kid’s Corner Publishing


Are you ready for the best Mouse Jokes and Riddles for Kids?

Below are sample jokes that you will find inside the book. Take a sneak peak:

Q: What’s gray, squeaky and hangs around in caves?
A: Stalagmice

Q: What does a twenty-pound mouse say to a cat?
A: Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

Q: What has 12 legs, six eyes, three tails, and can’t see?
A: Three blind mice

Q: What did the cat have for breakfast?
A: Mice Crispies

Q: What goes dot, dot, dash, squeak?
A: Mouse code

You’ll find more of them when you buy the book.

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