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Value books for kids:The Fox Who Did Not Forgive | top kid books : bedtime story for kids ages 1-7 : funny kid story

by Melissa Garrett

The story of an unforgiving Fox teaches us why we should always forgive those who offend us. It is a funny and interesting read.

Morris S. McLean wrote: This is a cute book. I reading this book to my granddaughter She loves this book
Kimberly E. Roselli wrote: wrote: Very cute and engaging story. Teaches the value of perseverance and don’t judge a book by it’s cover! My 4 year old loves it!
Domingo Burns wrote: My kids love this book even the older ones
Roger Shelton wrote: My daughter loves this story and the first book as well. It is an adorable story.
Alison Wheeler wrote: Love! Love! Love this book!


by Kanagaratnam Pradeep

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