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Kinderbücher: IQ F�R KINDER ( Gehirntraining) (German Edition)

by Kita book

Wenn Eltern wissen möchten, wie intelligent ihr Kind ist, ist der Grund dafür oft, dass sie eine sehr hohe oder eine sehr niedrige Intelligenz vermuten (oder befürchten). In allen anderen Fällen sind die normalen Prüfungen in der Schule oder Fortschrittstests gewöhnlich ausreichend.

Da IQ-Tests für Kinder nur unter besonderen Umständen benötigt werden, haben die betroffenen Personen oft ein ganz besonderes Interesse an den Ergebnissen. Benötigt das Kind eine besondere Schule? Ist es hochbegabt und benötigt ausgleichende Unterrichtsformen? Ergebnisse dieser Art können weit reichende Konsequenzen haben.

Daher gibt es auch keine kostenlosen Intelligenztests für Kinder. Wegen der potenziellen Folgen sollten solche Tests ausschlie�lich von professionellen Testern und unter kontrollierten Bedingungen durchgeführt werden.


by Cesar Josue Escobar Briones

En este pequeño libro de tan solo 10 paginas tocaremos el punto de la realidad en diferentes subtemas ya que tomamos que nada es real o si?

Get I.T.! How to Start a Career in the New Information Technology:How to Start as a Data Scientist

by Zorina Alliata

The multi-billion dollar information technology (I.T.) industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With that distinction, the industry has an ever-increasing need for workers who can fill the thousands of familiar IT positions already available, as well as take on the roles associated with newly created career options that keep popping up in the field. We created a series of books that explores the vast number of entry level jobs available within the growing, lucrative IT industry. In the first book, “Is I.T. a Good Fit for You?”, learn the basic skill sets you’ll need to break into the field, as well as what you can expect to encounter in the way of industry culture, terminology, and career paths. Then, turn to subsequent books to learn the specific job requirements for such positions as developer, analyst, tester, and more.

Analysing Data For Your PhD: An Introduction (PhD Knowledge Book 3)

by Helen Kara

Analysing data is perhaps the most demanding stage of research – and certainly the least visible. This concise e-book demystifies the process by explaining the principles and practice of good quality data analysis. It describes the key quantitative and qualitative methods, as well as creative and mixed methods, and offers guidance on how to choose suitable methods for your research. The book emphasises the need for robust and rigorous analysis, and aims to enable you to draw clear lines from your data, through your findings, to your conclusions.

I Have a Question

by Bill Dobbs

This book contains a compilation of the author’s experiences as a teacher of English as a foreign language. It explains in a light-hearted manner certain grammatical points, looks into the etymology of certain words and comments on the use, misuse and abuse of the English language in today’s world.

Some chapters will be of particular interest to teachers of English as a foreign language, others are aimed at the general public keen on learning something about the history of the English language, its seemingly illogical and complex grammatical structure and its wealth of vocabulary. Some chapters delve into philosophical issues. Some chapters contain the author’s comments and views on life in general. Some chapters might not be of interest to anybody.

How to Add a Device to My Amazon Account: Step-by-step instructions with screenshots (Dr. How’s series)

by Dr. How

Books from Dr. How – #1 Amazon Best Selling Author

Are you frustrated trying to find out how to add a device to your Kindle account?

Not to worry! And no more wasting your PRECIOUS TIME! This book will show you step-by-step instructions with screenshots exactly what to do and where to go.

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