Free science fiction Kindle books for 24 Feb 18

Planetfall Origins

by Christopher Quick

Guaranteed to please the military Sci-Fi lover in you. If Battlestar Gallactica made love to Starship Troopers and had an illegitimate child… and that child was raised by the crew of Firefly, you would only begin to have Planetfall. This is the answer for your Sci-Fi void. Follow Shepard through his enlistment in the Alliance’s Mining Corp. You only have to do ten years in the Corp instead of the usual twenty to get retirement, but of course that assumes you can survive it. Mining deployments are brutal, and the hostile xenoforms are always hell-bent on killing you. Oh yeah, and the tentative peace that is holding humanity together seems to be fraying at the seams and its impossible to know who to trust. So if you’re ready to sign your life away, this book is ready to take you on your first tour of duty. –Christopher George Quick Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom II, Operation New Dawn, 82nd Airborne, Ranger.

The Tango of the Foo

by Joe Zielica

It’s the night of Genesis, and in The Republic of South California, a man named Gyre, his sister, his sister’s unborn child, and their cyborg dog are hunted by gangster’s intent on obtaining Gyre’s genome code, a code that has granted him and the unborn child near-immortality. Gyre’s father possesses the source of that code, a code provided by a living, alien technology that defies our understanding of time, a technology that may save mankind – or destroy it entirely.

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