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Lucky Always

by E.D. Lappin

Sinister black op adventures, scalding emotions and deadly liaisons – Eve Logan lives a dangerous life of deceit as an undercover soldier in 1980’s Belfast. With the other members of Zulu team she undertakes covert missions on both sides of the Border, and each one is filled with twists and turns which test them all. But the mission which threatens her life is the on-going honey-trap with Liam, a Provisional I.R.A. terrorist. The story builds to a shocking climax as she is forced to prove her loyalty â?¦. but to which side?

The Lebensborn Experiment, Book I (The Lebensborn Rev 4 1)

by Joyce Davis

In the final days of the war, Sergeant Kapp Johnson is being held prisoner in the dungeon of a medieval castle in the Black Forest. While he and another soldier from his all-black battalion await ceremonial execution, an even more sinister struggle between life and death is taking place within the castle walls. Under the watchful eyes of Nazi Colonel Otto Strass, the notorious inventor, Dr. Josef Weiss, injects a ten-year-old Polish boy with an experimental serum, killing him.

That is until three days later when the child, Adok, is miraculously resurrectedâ?¦with unforeseen side effects.

On that same day, Hitler’s unexpected suicide throws the castle into chaos. In the ensuing confusion, Kapp is mistakenly given the life-restoring drug. Using his newly enhanced strength, Kapp escapes, reunites with his battalion, and single-handedly kills 280 enemy soldiers. Though mortally wounded, he cannot die.

Dr. Weiss also administers the serum he invented to his own nephew and two German soldiers. He then injects the ambitious Colonel Strassâ??the question is, with what?

Each of Dr. Weiss’s victims experiences a different physical super-enhancement, and each must come to terms with his new capabilities. Permanently linked, they must navigate their way through the last, weary days of the war and into the even more uncertain future.

This Is War: Part 1

by William Joseph

Jack Carson follows his patriotic desire to serve. Shortly after enlisting, he is thrust into action. In this gripping and explosive first person experience, Jack is forced to make unconscionable choices and face insurmountable odds on the battlefield. With events occurring all over the country and around the world, THIS IS WAR is an unforgiving novel of struggle and the choices between duty, honor, justice and country set amongst the gravity of a world at war.


by Jessica Loft

Make This Steamy Second Chance Military Romance Yours. On sale For A Limited Time With A Surprise Bonus Included!

Dylan is a Navy SEAL, sent home after being too close to the explosion that gave him PTSD. But if that wasn’t enough, while on deployment, he received a letter from his fiancé that did more damage than a truck blowing up in front of up him. She ended things because of his soldier’s lifestyle and sent back his ring, saying she couldn’t sit at home while he was out of the country, waiting to find out if he was alive.

Dylan is left to put together the broken pieces of his life. He’s having trouble finding reasons to go on until he runs into his ex-fiancé in the grocery store. But when she shows up days later saying she made a mistake ending things with him, she has more than a few secrets that may keep them apart forever.

Will Dylan have a second chance at love or is it really over for the two of them? Will Cass’s secrets make it impossible for them to ever be together again?

WARNING: Some bonuses contain mature themes and language and are intended for 18+ readers only.

An Empire At War: Book One

by Steven J Davies

It is 1914 and a French / Russian alliance is attacking the very heart of the greatest empire the world has ever known. The British Royal Navy is nowhere to be seen, the army is in disarray, murderous packs of anarchists roam the streets and thousands of Russian and French soldiers are mudering their way to London…

What could have gone so very badly wrong that the very heart of the British Empire is so completely undefended?
Why is the Royal Navy chasing shadows, far from home?
Who leaked the Anglo-German treaty before it was even signed, prompting the Russians to declare war against the British?

Espionage, treachery and murder abound in this alternate history of the first world war. Britain finds itself on the brink of civil war, even as the enemy is landing on her southern shores. If England falls, the Empire will follow and there will be nothing to stand between the French-Russo alliance and world domination.

rinidumute (Italian Edition)

by Opsemor Makarushuk


ULTA in Ulthar: KAN SHITI (Books of ULTAYA) (Japanese Edition)




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