Free fantasy Kindle books for 25 Feb 18

The Gods Isle: Five Seas

by Steve Spalding

In this collection of fifteen short stories (and one poem), writer and podcast producer Steve Spalding (Founders Saga, Steve Reads Stories), introduces readers to The Gods Isle, and the kingdoms of the Five Seas.

This a world where the powers of creation walk among men, where dread regents wage proxy wars against kingdoms they have never seen, and where Wryms slumber beneath the earth, waiting to destroy all who dare worship the Isle.

It’s a place of pirate princes and ageless empires, of blind priests and holy assassins. On the Five Seas, whether you are surrounded by a carpet of blue, or an ocean of sand, the only thing you know for certain is that They are always watching.

These short tales are meant to give readers a first look at the Kingdoms of the Five Seas, and act as a formal introduction to the gods who rule them.

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