Free historical fiction Kindle books for 25 Feb 18

The Mirror (Northwest Passage Book 5)

by John A. Heldt

On September 11, 2020, Ginny and Katie Smith celebrate their nineteenth birthday at a country fair near Seattle. Ignoring the warnings of a fortune-teller, they enter a house of mirrors and exit in May 1964. Armed with the knowledge they need to return to their time, they try to make the most of what they believe will be a four-month vacation. But their sixties adventure becomes complicated when they meet a revered great-grandmother and fall in love with local boys. In THE MIRROR, the sequel to THE MINE and THE SHOW, the sisters find happiness and heartbreak as they confront unexpected challenges and gut-wrenching choices in the age of civil rights, the Beatles, and Vietnam.

The Shadowcutter (The Northminster Mysteries Book 3)

by Harriet Smart

Police surgeon Felix Carswell has joined Major Giles Vernon and his convalescent wife, Laura, for a few days in the elegant spa town of Stanegate – it’s a welcome holiday from the summer stench of Northminster. But no sooner has he arrived than a Spanish colonial gentleman, dying of consumption, requires his urgent care, while Major Vernon is called away to Lord Rothborough’s country house, where a lady’s maid has been found drowned in a secluded pool.

Major Vernon investigates above and below stairs in the great house, assisted by Lord Rothborough’s eldest daughter, Lady Charlotte. When a quantity of valuable jewellery is found missing, the cause of the dead maid’s death only becomes more mysterious.

Meanwhile, when his patient dies in his arms after confiding a secret, Carswell is drawn into baffling intrigues involving the government-in-exile of the dead man’s homeland, the Caribbean island of Santa Magdalena. And strangest of all, Dona Blanca, the widow of the president, seems to know exactly who Felix is.

Over the course of the summer, Vernon and Carswell together doggedly search for the truth behind these troubling events, but their determination leads to a shocking personal tragedy for both of them, one which that will force them to reassess their lives and their careers, and leave them changed forever.

From the grand hotels of a fashionable spa town to a sordid illegal dog fight; from back-stair intrigues in a great country house to political conspiracies and fencing matches, The Shadowcutter sees the welcome return of early Victorian detectives, Major Giles Vernon and Felix Carswell.

A Wing and a Prayer

by Raymond Taylor

It’s October 1944 and a farming couple in a quiet village on a Scottish island are presented with an unusual opportunity to make some money on the black market for themselves and their friends. They hope this will distract them from their grief for their pilot son, missing in action over Germany.
Their money making scheme involves the scrap value of a German fighter plane that has crashed on the island and , along with their immediate neighbours, they choose not to report the crash and cash in on the scrap metal instead using contacts on the mainland with a view to improving their simple lives on the island.
However, there is the issue of what to do with the young German pilot, unharmed in the crash and now stuck on the island – how will they hide him from the authorities while keeping his crashed aircraft a secret? How can they keep him there when he is determined to leave and get back home? How will they explain where the plane has gone?
‘A Wing and a Prayer’ tells the story of the emotional challenge for the farmers, as they come to terms with their lost son, their emotional obligation to the young airman, and their reliance on the black market for survival.

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