Free horror Kindle books for 25 Feb 18

Shadows of Victory

by L.K. Latham

John tried not to think of the young, red-headed vampire slipping into madness locked up in the lab. Clara knew more about the vampire than she should, Avery vanished in the first attack, and the voice on the radio whispered warnings. Twenty years of service did nothing to prepare him for the war he knew was coming. Shadows gathered around Galveston ebbing and flowing like the tide. How can he fight a tide?

In Darkness Dwell (The House of Jack the Ripper Book 2)

by Amy Cross


A killer is loose in London, copying the murders of Jack the Ripper. Alone on the streets, Maddie tries to find a place to hide, but she soon starts to see a silhouetted figure following her through the night. She tells herself that she’s imagining the whole thing, but soon she finds herself trapped. Even when an unlikely savior seems to come along and offer hope, Maddie worries that she’s not safe. And before the night is over, she comes face to face with the true horror that is stalking the streets of London.

Meanwhile, over a century earlier, Doctor Charles Grazier deals with an intruder in his home. Wanting nothing more than to complete his work and go to join his wife Catherine, Grazier finds instead that his noctural activities have drawn some unwanted attention. Can he get rid of this intruder and get back to his original plan, or will he be tempted to try an even more shocking procedure? And can anything stop the spread of lurid stories, detailing the crimes of Jack the Ripper?

In Darkness Dwell is the second book in a new horror series, titled The House of Jack the Ripper. This book ends on a cliffhanger, and the story continues in the next book in the series, titled Cradle to Grave.

Para~nition (A Julie Winters Novel Book 1)

by T L-Mcdonald

I told myself the dreams weren’t real. It’s what I wanted to believe. But the dreams and nightmares were real. They soon evolved into visions of sacrificial murders, and I had to face the fact that it was the beginning of a powerful ability. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one who knew about it.

Take Kyle Miller for instanceâ??tall, handsome, and someone who wanted to lock be away like a lab rat. To me, he was no better than the ones who haunted my dreams. It wasn’t going to be easy finding the people behind the murders while staying one step ahead of Miller. But I would do itâ??or die trying.

Valhalla’s Werewolf

by Kyle Newton

Revenge guides Chief Harald as he finds his way onto a rival clan’s longboat. Desperation inspires his men to follow him aboard for the raid. As they retreat from the sinking ship, a cursed weapon finds its way onto Harald’s boat by his own greed for spoils. Once aboard, the weapon summons an age-old legend, with a soul purpose bent on killing Harald’s clan. Those who survived the return to their Chief’s longboat find the courage to fight back against a bloodthirsty myth come to life. But will they have the strength to survive?

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