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A Tyrant’s Whisper (The Tyrant’s Cycle Book 1)

by J. Robert Byrd

A powerful country is about to have its seemingly impenetrable peace and stability torn away by the followers of an enigmatic figured, known as Preacher. Preacher recruits the poor and disaffected; building a movement intent on tearing down a system he sees as tyrannical.

Teridon Jace had always been reckless, but when that recklessness catches up to him; he is forced to choose between his future and saving a friend. He did not expect that this decision would change his life forever and put him on a collision course with Preacher and his follower. As Preacher’s movement festers and metastasizes, it threatens to explode into a revolution that will jeopardizing an empire. 

Ultimately, history will hinge on the decisions of Teridon; who is is unprepared for the duty that has been foisted on him and will force him to make those decisions while fighting to protect all he holds dear. 

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