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by Seth Masek

“Devotion is how they survive,” Seth Masek writes of the phoenix and wolf that inhabit his fabled land. And in this, Masek’s latest collection of poetryâ??to include works from his first three collections and over 70 new poemsâ??it is through devotion that the legend of these two mythics not only survives but flourishes. The phoenix has told her story to the wolf, and through both passion and the pen her wolf now regales a fortunate audience. As dual romance and artist narratives unspool across an expanse of more than 300 poems, Mythics offers the evidence that “what makes sense is rarely heard.” The immolation of love. The immortality of inspiration. For the wolf, expression of the phoenixâ??whether as a stealthy pursuit of her affections or a rushing advance of divine words across the pageâ??is a “small sacrifice to let her fly.” And fly Masek’s phoenix does, the landscape beneath her “bright and bold” burning every ounce as vast and varied as only a “beast so lovely” as the wolf could conjureâ??and any reader could hope for.

Tripped, fall, Ouch â?? get UP!

by Jeffrey Koh

We all would like to be in an ideal situation, where paint and smudge does not splatter on clothes. In the real world, often times things do not go as planned and we find that mistakes happen. The body undergoes stress, there is a lack of knowledge. So many things can happen in life versus theory.

When we fall, it hurts. Many times we get up. What else is there to do but get up? After a while, it may become tiring. The days and months seem to go on forever. To make matters worse, there are many possibilities, things that could happen whether it is from the past or the current or the future, it matters not from a practical stance.

Gray areas in life can bite like a poisonous snake. Sometimes we don’t even know we have been bitten! Worrying comes along. We try not to, it is there. This book is written to accept that bad things happen, to accept that possibilities can happen, that things can not go as planned. Then in some parts of the book, it encourages the reader to get up. In others, it explains why we fell in the first place. Sometimes I think the falling happens when we misjudge reality.

In a world filled with too little and too much, it is easy for reality to take the backseat. I enjoyed writing this book and hope you enjoy reading it. Please leave reviews as it helps me know reality better. We’re all in the learning process.

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