Free fantasy Kindle books for 26 Feb 18

The Light Keepers (ShadowLight Saga Book 0)

by Mande Matthews

From the #1 Bestselling Norse Fantasy Author, comes The Light Keepers, a short story prequel to the ShadowLight Saga

Isolated because of what she isâ??because of the power she holds insideâ??Astrid longs for contact with another human being. Her well-intentioned mother locks her away from society in order to protect her from an evil that seeks to use Astrid’s abilities for his own means. But the resulting loneliness drives Astrid deeper into the shadowwalkâ??a power she is forbidden to use, a magic that lands her directly into the arms of the Shadow.

This short prequel to the ShadowLight Saga offers a revealing glimpse into the history of the beautiful and mysterious warrior maiden known as Swan, called Astrid in this prequel. It takes place a few moons before Bonded begins and is a self-contained novelette of approximately 10,000 words.

You’ve never seen dark versus light like this before! Matthews expertly twists good and bad until the lines are blurred and your heart is racing.

Astrid (Swan) is such an amazing heroine – she’s so tough, yet emotionally rich. Since Astrid can’t speak, I loved how Matthews weaved in her internal thoughts throughout the action – it gave me an extra layer of insight to her cool personality. I loved her!

It’s sexy, intriguing and fast pacedâ?¦The Light Keepers hurls you right into the actionâ?¦leaving you begging for moreâ?¦

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