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Fine tuned faith ? Faith and science are they compatible? (Open faith)

by J Horsfield @ Hearts Minds Media

Fine tuned faith – Faith and Science are they compatible?

by Hearts and Minds Media

Using open material I have hoped to present a easy to read argument on science and faith presenting both sides on compatibility. Personally having investigated scientifically and reasoned as critically as possible throughout my career with a faith in Christianity I believe they can be beneficial to each other with a balanced perspective.Below is a short-excerpt from the introduction.

First, as Richard Mouw (former President of Fuller Seminary) reminded us, God is slow. The universe is 13.4 billion years old (I think I’m remembering that correctly!). It took billions of years for life on earth to exist, much less for humans to populate it. That’s how much time God has. That’s how long God is willing to work in order to create and ultimately recreate this world. As we read in 2 Peter: “But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. 9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”

Second, God is faithful. The Scriptural witness proclaims God’s faithfulness, but what I saw at this conference was the faithfulness of God on display through nature. Take gravity, which exerts its pull throughout the universe in a consistent, measurable, predictable way. The physical laws which govern the planets and the heavens hint at the steadiness, the constancy of God. How glorious to imagine that same faithfulness in our lives?

Third, God is extravagant. There are 500,000 species of beetles. A series of scientific examples are listed below before investigating the main arguments for and against a compatibility of science and faith….

The relationship between religion and science has been a subject of study since classical antiquity, addressed by philosophers, theologians, scientists, and others. Perspectives from different geographical regions, cultures and historical epochs are diverse, with some characterizing the relationship as one of conflict, others describing it as one of harmony, and others proposing little interaction.

I can pass the Numeracy Skills Test: Mental Arithmetic Section

by Sam Jameson

-Slides reviewed 23/02/2018
-AVAILABLE in PDF (latest version always available online)
-Passing the Numeracy Skills Test is an essential prerequisite for obtaining Qualified Teacher status in England.
– Mental Arithmetic is, in my experience, the hardest part
-205 PowerPoint examples (or PDF)
-260 skill based questions
-416 exam style questions
-Suggested map of learning
-Written by a qualified maths teacher
-No book to sell on after completion
-Resources easily updated
-Spacious design allows easy reading
-Print out only the sheets you want
-Similar questions allow you to practise your biggest enemy: time

Atlas of Challenges and Opportunities in European Neighbourhoods

This atlas provides a macro-regional overview of the areas that surround the European Union, from the Sahara to the Middle East, Western Balkans to European Russia, Turkey to the Arctic. Detailing key socio-economic data as well as developmental trends, the maps provide a comprehensive territorial analysis at a local scale and explore the potential for regional integration and cooperation.These pioneering maps examine challenges that threaten this wide, yet inter-connected, region, including environmental concerns in the North, political unrest in the East, social factors in the Western Balkans, and the upheaval in the Mediterranean since the Arab spring. Coverage investigates such key countries and areas as Libya, Israel, Palestine, Syria, and the Ukraine as well as explores such essential issues as Europe’s energy procurement. In addition, it also presents a comparison with other world regions such as East Asia and North America.In the end, readers discover that territorial integration faces many shortcomings, but that deep regional cooperation would be a key driver for the EU’s sustainable future. This atlas features the main results of the “Integrated Territorial Analysis of the Neighbourhoods” research project undertaken by ESPON (The European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion). It provides scholars; local authorities and NGOs involved in cross-border cooperation; companies interested in energy, agriculture, water, transportation and communication; and interested readers with key insights into this important region.

Sleep Paralysis: Learn How to Stop Sleep Paralysis and What Causes It To Begin With (Sleep Paralysis Treatment)

by Carter Andersen

If you want to understand the cause of sleep paralysis and what you can do to manage it, then this book is for you!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

Sleep paralysis is a relatively new term used to describe the situation where a person is suddenly unable to move or speak as they’re about to drift off to sleep, or as they’re in the process of waking up. Before science was able to explain this condition, people believed a supernatural force was behind sleep paralysis – along with causing bad dreams and nightmares. For example, it was often explained away by witches and demons supposedly sitting on a sleeping person’s chest, preventing them from moving or reacting even when awake. Now, we know that’s not true, although it may still feel scary to be so helpless in this moment, your heart beating fast, you’re unable to move or speak, and you don’t really know what’s going on. If this has ever happened to you, or happens to you regularly (and you don’t want to subscribe to the ridiculous “demon sitting on your chest” theory), then this book is for you. In this book, you’ll learn about the specific causes of sleep paralysis, and what you can do to manage an episode while staying calm. Furthermore, we’ll also cover various preventive measures to avoid future recurrences. So if you are looking forward to sleeping soundly again, and not being frightened by sleep paralysis, then let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Facts and Myths Surrounding Sleep Paralysis
  • The Causes and Common Symptoms
  • How to Manage a Sleep Paralysis Episode without Panicking
  • Steps to Prevent Future Episodes
  • Using Sleep Paralysis to Your Advantage
  • Much, much more!

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