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10 Keys to Shift Your Life to Success Mode Immediately

by Paul William Harris

10 STEPS TO SUCCESS – This book provides business professionals and entrepreneurs with 10 easily implemented principles they can use to immediately launch or advance their successes.

These keys have been known to change the lives of those who follow it literally almost overnight. But, it is not going to work unless you work it. You must be fully committed to putting what you have learned from this book to work into your life. I can show you what to do but I cannot do it for you. So before you move on, make the commitment right now to not only read but act.

In many instances, well-known celebrities and highly-successful people have used these very ideas.

And look where they ended up.

It’s your turn.

Beginners Guide To Mastering Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies: The Step by Step Guide on How to Buy, Store Securely & Trade Bitcoin/ Alt Coin: Includes Two Attractive Bonuses Within the Book


Beginners Guide to Mastering Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies: The Step by Step Guide on How to Buy, Store Securely & Trade Bitcoin/ Alt Coin

This Book is a Beginners guide for people who have just Entered or Planning to enter the world of Cryptocurrencies. A lot of Books on Bitcoin today are informed from the perspective of the specialized person and thusâ?? â??there is a lot of confusion with mainstream audiences, So i had Written this Book in such a way that Even a Non-Technical person can easily understand the most complicated terms about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. This Book is all about How to Buy, Store Securely & Trade Bitcoin/ Alt Coin. I have added two attractive Bonus in the Book.

Bonus 1) Formula for Predicting Any Crypto Coin Price
Bonus 2) My Top Alt Coin Picks that will do well in 2018

I believe the Information in the Book along with Bonus is all you need to educate Yourself on what could quickly become part of our future.

15 Mistakes of Sellers: Simple and Effective Advice How to Avoid Typical Mistakes of Sellers to Conclude a Successful Deal (Earn, friends)

by Brian Root

Are you a salesman?
Do you make your living depending on your skill at sales & selling a product or service?
If you are, then you need to read this book NOW!
Sales management of any product usually comes with a range of challenges. Buyers will always find an excuse or a reason not to buy something, but if you make a mistake along the way it increases the possibility that they will be able to say no.
15 Mistakes of Sellers is intended to show you the most common errors that salespeople make when dealing with a customer. In just 6 concise chapters you can learn:
– The qualities of a good salesperson
– What makes great customer service
– Tips for being a good salesperson
– The 15 mistakes
– Ways to boost sales
– The most common selling mistakes you should avoid
Armed with this information, knowing what to do and what not to do, you can become the salesperson you always knew you could be, closing deals faster and more often, at the best possible price.
Get your copy of 15 Mistakes of Sellers now and see how you can eradicate the mistakes and enjoy more success today.

FAST-TRACK YOUR MONEY MANAGEMENT: A smarter more effective approach to managing your money

by Taylor Faith

Are you ready to revolutionize your financial life?
The world of finance can be very intimidating and frustrating when you attempt to conquer it. There is so much to know and understand about the money you have and the money you want to make. That being said wouldn’t you like to know a simple and effective way to manage your money, one that allows you to pay your bills on time and still have some to do everything else?

Going from a complete financial disaster to great and continuous financial success, I know exactly how it feels to be on both sides of the fence. And that is why I wrote this book to help those on the side of financial dismay to come to the side of financial satisfaction.

In this guide you will find a tried and true method of managing your money and forever leaving your budget behind. One that will help you live the life you love and love the life you live.

Managing your money doesn’t have to be hard and complex. Though it may seem like managing money may restrict your freedom, it will actually promote it.

In this book you will learn everything you need to know about managing your money and creating a system that will support you as you grow and through different sages of life.

Project Management: A Quick Start Beginners Guide For Easily Managing Projects The Right Way (Essential Tools and Techniques For A Winning Business Plan … Up and Project Management Guide Book 3)

by Susan Hollister

Would you like to know the best strategies for managing large projects?

Whether you want to (1) enhance your project management skills, (2) learn how to effectively lead a project team, or (3) discover world class strategies for managing large projects, this book will guide you there.

Learn how to organize and lead your team to success.

Project Management is the process of managing a temporary but often complex project for a business or organization to deliver an end result that will, ultimately, improve the business and the bottom line. Project managers use a host of strategies specifically designed to increase overall performance and solve large problems. The demand for project managers is increasing steadily and it is a very valuable skill to have. The project manager oversees every aspect of a project, including financial and budgetary issues, resource acquisition, team management, testing, scheduling, monitoring, and many other project-specific issues.

The project itself is only a project because there is a problem that is too complex for any one person or department in the organization to handle in its entirety. Therefore, the responsibility is handed off to a leader who can utilize a team of people to work together toward an optimum solution.

Master The Art And Science Of Project Planning

The planning stage is the most important aspect of any project. As you will discover, it is the backbone of any project. When planning, you define a project’s parameters, estimate the need for resources, establish a work schedule, form a preliminary budget, evaluate risks, define acceptance testing standards, establish communication protocols, and much more!

In this book you’ll find some of the best techniques in the industry. Step-by-step instructions walk you through the process of making solid plans and starting your project off on the right foot. If you plan well, it can make a huge positive impact on the overall success of the project. This book highlights and defines key terms and technical concepts, walking you through the process of producing your own project management plan.

Jump-Start Your Career or Business

If you’re just exploring the field or you’re a fairly new project manager, this book can help you identify and develop your personal managerial qualities and give you some of the best project management strategies to integrate into your work. With a little dedication, you too can become a skilled, winning project manager.

What will you Learn about Project Management?

  • The best time management skills and strategies.
  • How to make a winning plan for success.
  • How to effectively lead and motivate your team.
  • The top 10 project management strategies.
  • Important technical terms highlighted and defined.

You will also Discover:

  • Easy step-by-step instructions for getting through each of the most important stages of a project.
  • Helps for those who are just starting out or are considering a career in project management.
  • How to correctly close a project the right way.
  • How to easily organize yourself and your team for peak performance.
  • The best qualities and skills of a successful project manager.

Lead your team to success.

Become an amazing project manager: Get this book now!

Wiley-All-In-One, Textbook and Lab Manual, Set of Two Book

by Wiley India

Wiley-All-In-One, Textbook and Lab Manual, Set of Two Book

Time Management: 15 Quick Tips to Find your own time! Excel in Life by saving time tips!: Finding Me Time with Time Management Quick Tips

by Mona Sharma

15 Quick Tips to Time Management! Find your own time. Time for things YOU WANT TO DO

2018 started and its almost end of February. All the new year goals you had created are not even started. You seem to feel you have already lost 2 precious months and all the NEW YEAR GOALS – Weight Loss/ Start own Business/ Read More/Write More/Spend time with Family are still some distant goals
***** There is no need to lose hope – there is still more left to 2018. Read for 15 Quick Tips and unlock the mysteries of finding time for all the things you so desperately wanted to do

No preachings, no predefined notion why you must need time. Find your own time for things that interest you.
How to Guide to manage your time well in day to day activities. Tried tips by the author – a commoner just like most of you!

BONUS CONTENT: Membership to Authors Book Club. Get 2 Weight management Hacks FREE from Authours Weight Management BestSeller

A full time working Professional with 10-hour day job, a family and kid to take care of. Managing time to write ebooks and share the knowledge with all. Book on Weight Loss is already a BestSeller on Amazon.

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