Free horror Kindle books for 01 Mar 18

Secrets in Blood: A Steamy Vampire Romance

by Patricia D. Eddy

What makes us human?

Centuries old, the vampire never dreamed he’d meet his end in a silver cage. Or by a human’s hand.

After years of torture, he’s ready to give up hope. Until he meets his torturer’s beautiful daughter.

Trapped in a life she didn’t choose, under her father’s control, Evangeline longs for escape. For freedom.

Until the vampire calls to her.

Will she risk everything to free him? Or will the secrets in her blood destroy them both?

Not all vampires are evil.

Not all humans are weak.

Love to last an eternity is within reachâ??if death doesn’t claim them first.

You’ll love this steamy romance because a vampire’s bite can claim you forever.

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The Restless

by Vanessa Lopez

A few miles outside De’Grade is an asylum for the crazed. In 2008 on Halloween, Kat killed her entire family. Two years later on the same night, Kat started the asylum on fire. She killed everyone, along with herself inside. Or so people thought.

In 2015 a group decides to spend their Halloween in the asylum, seeing how it felt like. But what they don’t know, just might kill them.

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