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Billionaire’s Second Chance (An Alpha Billionaire Second Chance Romance Love Story) (Billionaires – Book #16)

by Claire Adams


Austin Harris heard these words to describe himself all the time in New York and the media. Hell, he happily owned them and ran the town, enjoying life to the hilt.

He didn’t need North Reed, where he was from; not anymore. He’d avoided it for years until his parents begged him for just one visit home for a small-town holiday.

Fine, he’d go but he’d bring his assistant so that he could work at the same time. Money didn’t get made if a man wasn’t working and that was the name of the game for Austin now. It was a compromise that everyone would have to be happy with.

Coming back was harder than he could ever expect. It brought back feelings for the small town and for his first love, that he’d left behind after graduation. When things got serious, he knew that he’d have to make a choice about how to live his life from that moment on.

Billionaire’s Second Chance is alpha billionaire romance with an HEA, no cheating.

Due Justice: Judge Willa Carson Mystery Novel (The Hunt For Justice Series Book 1)

by Diane Capri

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author DIANE CAPRI Returns!

For fans of Lee Child, John Grisham, Jack Reacher and Michael Connelly

“Full of thrills and tension – but smart and human too.” รข??Lee Child , #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Jack Reacher Thrillers

When a famous plastic surgeon’s decomposed body surfaces in Tampa Bay with a bullet in its head, Federal Judge Willa Carson’s “little sister” is caught in a high-stakes game of greedy lawyers, blackmail and deceit. Carly Austin knew the victim too well. Does she know too much about the killer, too? Before Willa discovers the answer, Carly disappears. Can Willa save Carly from herself and the murderous conspiracy? Or have they killed Carly, too?

Free-sprited Judge Wilhelmina Carson is quick, witty and stubborn. She finds nothing is what it seems in a world where attractive women with enough money are made, not born, and beauty can cost your life. Judge Willa debuts in this fast-paced mystery filled with great characters, humor and suspense.

*formerly titled “Carly’s Conspiracy”

H. P. Lovecraft: The Complete Collection

by H. P. Lovecraft

This ebook contains H. P. Lovecraft’s complete collection.

This edition has been professionally formatted and contains several tables of contents. The first table of contents (at the very beginning of the ebook) lists the titles of all novels included in this volume. By clicking on one of those titles you will be redirected to the beginning of that work, where you’ll find a new TOC that lists all the chapters and sub-chapters of that specific work.

World War 3: EMP, and The Coming Apocalypse: IT will happen in your liftime Dont believe it ? believe it!

by Levi Freud

This book is about the unthinkable. Something that most people don’t believe will happen, or that it is just a threat from long ag., like watching a black and white movie of wars long ago. With their goofy looking mechanical walks and bizarre looking clothes and technology . This book explores the half faked collapse of the Soviet Union. And the secret rise of their hate, and the massive War preparations against the west.
Americans are completely oblivious to the secret preparations for a planed supprized attack on the west. Unfortunately I have seen these preparations and plans from behind the scenes . And i’m telling you WW3 is going to happen within 10 to 15 years.
And if you don’t believe me . BELIEVE IT!

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