Free fantasy Kindle books for 02 Mar 18

KYMIERA: Purity (Kymiera Season 1)

by Steve Turnbull


The story of a teenage girl who’s turning into a monster – literally.

Chloe Dark is an ordinary girl in an extraordinary world. But when her closest friend is kidnapped and the police seem powerless to help, she sets out to find her alone. But things are not what they seem and in this dystopian world anyone can be a target.

And anyone can become a monster. Even you.

Note: KYMIERA is divided into six episodes, which comprise a single story. Each episode is the length of a short novel.

A gritty, unputdownable, epic Science Fiction thriller from a USA Today bestselling author. KYMIERA will hold you until the final page: A teenage girl turning into a monster. A world-weary policeman on the trail of genetic freaks. A schoolteacher with a dark secret. A rogue scientist playing god. Corporations vying for power. The hidden cyber-world of the wireheads. A tyrannical ruling class called the Purity.

Skin clubs. Freak fights. Murder and modified humans. And a society on the edge of collapse.

Sacrifice: The Ten Guardians Series

by M.P. Sorenson

Sparrow is an adolescent with a fractured past and an uncertain future. A human school for gifted, those who can channel arcane powers, discovers him when he accidentally uses magic. During his training, his true origin is realized, leading to unknown forces trying to kill him. He and his mentor set forth on an adventure to save his life, and confirm what he truly is in the hopes that he can save the human race from the wrath of a dragon, one of the guardians of this world.

Black Annis: Demon Slayer (Revenge of the Witch Book 2)

by Aubrey Law

Never Betray a Black Witch

Betrayed by her only friend and badly wounded, Annis continues her quest for revenge on her demon enemies and their dangerous allies. Can she survive the deadly streets of Los Angeles alone?

For a split second I’d seen through her true eyes. Not the seductive brown eyes I’d taken from her but the spiritual eyes of her soul. Ashley saw Sonja, and the world, through the beautiful window of love. She didn’t see the dark side of everyone and everything as I did. With Ashley’s ghost I’d witnessed the bright colors of compassion and felt the soothing warmth of emotion. For a moment I’d wanted to freeze time and live inside her world forever. A world without bitter hatred for my countless enemies and eternal scorn for my own wretched mother. I imagined a life of love and it didn’t repulse me. Then I remembered how Amelia, Regina, and now Sonja had all inserted their sharp knives into my back and twisted the blade. The warm light within my heart died and the cold bottomless darkness returned. No more dreams of a life that could never be. I was Black Annis and nothing could change my fate.

The Hunter and the Witch (Crescent City Arcana)

by Rachel Chanticleer

~A Crescent City Arcana short story~

A lethal stranger hunted Bethany Hayes down and nearly killed her. But without uttering a single word, he spared her life and vanished, turning her world upside down. Left with newfound abilities and visions of her attacker, Beth tried to make the most of this second chance.

Lucius Sempronius Asper learned to kill in the amphitheaters of ancient Rome. Enslaved and bound by the dark magic of a powerful witch, he spent centuries eradicating innocent witches at her command. Though made immortal by her enchantment, he was as good as dead inside.

All Lucius knew, what he thought he’d become, changed with Bethany. His one impulsive act of salvation linked them in ways they never could have imagined.

Will Beth be strong enough to free him, or will the hunter become the hunted?

~This short story chronicles how Beth and Lucius learned of the existence of magic, and of each other.~


by Brandon Massey

The stunning debut novel from the award-winning author of Dark Corner and Within the Shadows, now back in print . . .

Days after a devastating gale rips through his town and nearly takes his life, young Jason Brooks wakes up to a whole new world. His mother–once a neglectful, angry drunk–has given up the bottle to spend more time with him. His father–largely absent for most of Jason’s life–is making an honest effort to mend his troubled marriage. And shy, self-conscious Jason has made friends–at last. The whole family is well on the way to recovery–and to finding the happiness that in the past has proved so elusive.

But then the nightmares start . . .

The stalker creeps into the bedroom. He bends down, slowly lifting the bedspread. He lifts it higher . . . and Jason wakes up screaming, his heart thudding in his chest.

And strange things begin to happen . . .

Cryptic messages appear on the bathroom mirror. Clothing flies about the room. The bed rises in the air . . . and thumps back to the ground. And always, in the distance, thunder roars . . .

Because someone–or something–is coming.

For Jason . . .


“An intense thriller . . . a wild ride!”
-Kevin O’Brien, New York Times bestselling author

“A razor-sharp thriller guaranteed to keep you turning pages well into the night. Start this one on your day offâ??-you won’t be able to put it down.”
â??Douglas Clegg, bestselling author of The Queen of Wolves and The Hour Before Dark

“The talented Mr. Massey has the rare knack of grabbing the reader early and not letting go. Massey knows how to ratchet up the suspense.”
â??John Lutz, New York Times bestselling author

“A taut, involving, and utterly convincing thrill ride.”
â??Gregg Olsen, New York Times bestselling author

Call of the wolf (Dark Blood Trilogy Book 1)

by R Murray

Emilie and Melaina are the only two immortal witches that have been chosen by the Lamia to take the gift of eternal life. Two sisters, but two very different souls. One wields magic so dark and evil that even the devil himself fears her. The other holds the purest of magic with a darkness buried deep within.

When Emilie is set amongst the wolves to find out the latest game they play she finds herself swept away by the magic of the youngest wolf Maccon.

But Emilie holds her own dark secret, one so enormous, it threatens to destroy all that the Lamia have protected for centuries. A secret that could bring a new rule over all of the Forsaken. A secret that if discovered would bring forth the ultimate war between nature’s monsters.

Will Emilie answer the call of the wolf or will the White Witch be consumed by the darkness threatening her world?

Loyalties will be tested. Blood will be shed. Bonds will be formed as the war for immortality becomes its deadliest yet.


by J.C. Bell

Once more into the Rift . . .
Nearly a century of peace has passed. At long last the survivors of the Exodus have hope.
But for how long?
How long before the Plague finds them and ends it all?
Abandoning the hope and peace of their new-found world, the immortal Adros returns to the Rift to discover the truth — does life remain, or is their world of heroes and their great Red Wall all that remains to stand against the coming of the Plague?
Lost . . . hunted . . . it is at the darkest ends of the universe that he finds his answer, and an evil more ancient and powerful than anything he has faced before . . .

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