Free reference Kindle books for 02 Mar 18

English Grammar

by Dilantha Hakim

You can learn all grammar parth with this book. It cover all lessons and you can learn them step by stem. (Devolop practical writing skills)

The Beginning Teacher’s Compendium

by Rick Boyce

This book is design to give beginning teachers strategies to help them gain a successful start to their teaching career. it contains only advice gained at the chalk face over fifty years.

Democracy’s Children: Intellectuals and the Rise of Cultural Politics

by John McGowan

How do American intellectuals try to achieve their political and social goals? By what means do they articulate their hopes for change? John McGowan seeks to identify the goals and strategies of contemporary humanistic intellectuals who strive to shape the politics and culture of their time. In a lively mix of personal reflection and shrewd analysis, McGowan visits the sites of intellectual activity (scholarly publications, professional conferences, the classroom, and the university) and considers the hazards of working within such institutional contexts to effect change outside the academy.

Democracy’s Children considers the historical trajectory that produced current intellectual practices. McGowan links the growing prestige of “culture” since 1800 to the growth of democracy and the obsession with modernity and explores how intellectuals became both custodians and creators of culture. Caught between fears of culture’s irrelevance and dreams of its omnipotence, intellectuals pursue a cultural politics that aims for wide-ranging social transformations.

For better or worse, McGowan says, the humanities are now tied to culture and to the university. The opportunities and frustrations attendant on this partnership resonate with the larger successes and failures of contemporary democratic societies. His purpose in this collection of essays is to illuminate the conditions under which intellectuals in a democracy work and at the same time to promote intellectual activities that further democratic ideals.

The Globalization of Science Curricula (IEA Research for Education)

by Oliver Stacey

Globalization is a powerful force with far reaching impacts on education and education policy. The growth of large scale international surveys of student achievement and the increasing role played by intergovernmental agencies in education means that the influence that globalization exerts on education is likely to increase even further in the future.

This open access book provides a significant and timely investigation into the impacts that globalization has exerted on science curricula in a diverse range of countries using extensive data sets collected by the IEA between 1995 and 2015. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, this book considers the extent to which there have been changes to the intended and implemented science curricula in different countries over the last 20 years. Consideration is then given as to whether science curricula are becoming increasingly similar across countries over time. Finally the issue of whether the basis of an international core curriculum can be identified is addressed. 

Readers will gain a unique insight into the extent to which globalization and large scale international assessments have influenced science curricula in the last 20 years within both the primary and secondary phases.

Overcome Shyness And Gain Confidence: How To Conquer Your Social Anxiety And Increase Your Assertiveness, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

by Maxwell Nelson

Get Rid Of Self-Doubt And Face The World With Confidence

Are You Struggling With Extreme Shyness And Social Anxiety?

Are You Losing Out In Life Because Of Lack Of Self-Confidence?

If so, “Overcome Shyness And Gain Self Confidence: How To Conquer Your Social Anxiety And Increase Your Assertiveness, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem And Self Worth !” by Maxwell Nelson is the book for you!

Shyness and social anxiety is a problem that millions of people in the world struggle with. Their shyness keeps them missing out on numerous opportunities in school, at work, in business and even in relationships.

Fortunately, shyness is a problem anyone can overcome with the right guidance. This book provides you with the necessary strategies you need to overcome your shyness and step out into the world with confidence and assertiveness.

What Makes This Book Unique?

What makes this book special is that unlike other books about this topic, it does not simply discuss abstract concepts that leave you no better than you were before reading the book. Instead, it explains everything in simple, easy to understand language and even uses examples and illustrations to make everything clear. It also provides you with practical, actionable tips that you can apply and see instant results

You Will Learn The Following:

  • Understanding Shyness and Social Anxiety
  • Causes/Triggers of shyness and Low Self-Confidence
  • Consequences of Shyness and Low Self-Confidence
  • How To Improve Your Self Confidence By Conquering Your Mind
  • How To Improve Your Self Confidence By Conquering Your Body
  • How To Improve Your Self Confidence By Conquering Social Situations
  • Bonus Tips To Overcome Shyness and Gain Self-Confidence

You have made an excellent decision by choosing to learn how to overcome your shyness and face the world with confidence, so don’t delay it any longer. Take this opportunity and also purchase your copy today.

Download Now!

See you inside!

Putting Charities to Work: How to make money for good

by Galit Cohen

This book is a call for action! Start today and learn how to make money for your NPO, school, church or clubs. Each chapter includes a detailed checklist for simple implementation of income generating projects. It will help you reduce the reliance on funding in a world where donor fatigue is very real and the need for funding is ever-increasing.

Putting Charities to work, how to make money for good is a step-by-step guide for charities on their journey to self-sufficiency. In their first brainchild, authors Galit Cohen and Lynette Howe share their wealth of experience in social development and cause related marketing. They take you by the hand and guide you through the maze of fundraising myths; introducing you to simple, practical solutions that can be implemented with ease.

Readers are invited to share their journey and experiences on the official website and Facebook page, where the authors are available for advice.

Il fu Mattia Pascal di Luigi Pirandello in ebook (Italian Edition)

by Luigi Pirandello

Il fu Mattia Pascal
opera completa di Luigi Pirandello in versione integrale
lettura agevolata in formato ebook

Ristoratore di Successo: La ricetta vincente per avere la fila nel tuo locale (Italian Edition)

by Luciano Purpi

Sapevi che l’anno scorso più di 27’000 locali hanno chiuso? 

Il fatto è che ci sono “troppe” attività e quelle che non si evolvono, per la legge del mercato, sono destinate a chiudere… Perchè non cambiano, perchè hanno paura di fare delle scelte, perchè il “Abbiamo sempre fatto così” è diventata una scusa pericolosissima e dalla quale è difficile uscire.

Una volta bastava proporre dei buoni piatti e avere il locale in “buona posizione”. Oggi, invece, questi fattori non bastano più: serve altro. Bisogna avere competenze in diversi ambiti: dal marketing alla gestione finanziaria e del personale, dalla leadership alla delega efficace.

Questo ebook, scritto da un ristoratore con grande esperienza sul campo, è nato per questo: fornirti consigli pratici e spunti di riflessione per gestire il tuo locale da imprenditore aumentando clienti e fatturato, ma soprattutto vivendo il tuo ruolo senza inutili stress.

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