Free historical fiction Kindle books for 03 Mar 18

The Devil’s Palm

by Shane Griffin

Three brave families move to the Dakota Territory for a better life. Their plans don’t pan as expected out, and their children are forced to shoulder the responsibility of their parents dreams.

The Last Riders On Route 66

by Chet Nichols

“The Last Riders On Route 66”, is a story about two college students, who decide to take a hitchhiking trip from Oklahoma City to Los Angeles. The story takes place during their two week “Spring Break” in late March of 1967. They have discovered that Route 66 will officially be eliminated and replaced with several interstate highways in the fall, so they decide to see the Mother Road before it fades away.

The underlying vibe in the story is that these two good-natured, wholesome “Happy Days” kids are about to collide with the emerging counter-culture of the 60’s.

Our storyteller is a young musician and songwriter, who brings his guitar along with him on the trip. He dreams of “making it” in the music business as a writer and performer. He is a troubadour at heart with a subliminal drive to nurture his creative and spiritual consciousness.

With the story taking place at the time when America is caught up in the Vietnam War, the rise of the civil rights movement, the explosion of the arts and music, the sexual revolution, the psychedelic era, the burgeoning space program, and the social and spiritual upheaval that personified the times, all the characters get caught up in the swirling re-evaluations of American culture that personified the times.

At the same time, the story guides the reader down the wonders, sights and sounds that made up the “Route 66” experience. Filled with unique people who are running to something, running from something or just wandering, they exist within the backdrop of the pending changes that are waiting to change Route 66 forever as it prepares to disappear and fade.

In the end, the journey that they took, opens their minds and gives them strength to move forward in their lives.

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