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Rubik’s Cube Solution Guide for Kids: Learn How to Solve the World’s Most Famous Puzzle and Impress Your Friends! (Step by Step Rubiks Cube for Kids, Children’s Puzzle Book)

by CIEL Publishing

Rubik’s Cube: A Puzzle Every Child Should Learn to Solve.

Tom was eagerly awaiting this day. For weeks he’d been begging me to buy him a Rubik’s Cube. His homeroom teacher had introduced him to the World’s Most Famous Puzzle and being the curious little fella that he is, he wanted to get his hands on one and solve it! And so, I handed the puzzle to my kid and hoped for the best. As a kid, I couldn’t even put on clothes straight- and here I was handing a cube deemed for geniuses to my boy.

For the entire day, I saw my boy struggling, twisting, and turning the cube in every possible direction all to no avail. A week passed and just as I was expecting Tom to throw it in his used toy bin, he did it.

“Mommy! Mommy! Look!”

He had solved the puzzle.

Little Thomas learned how to solve a Rubik’s Cube that day. But he also learned a more powerful lesson; he learned the power of perseverance, determination, and resilience. He learned that gratification isn’t always immediate. I was so proud of him!

There are a lot of “how-to” guides and “step by step” manuals for solving Rubik’s cube out there. However, I could not find one that was designed with children in mind. This is why this book was made. It’s a Rubik’s Cube guide for kids that will not only teach them formulas and algorithms for effectively solving the puzzle but will also teach them the value of reaching a goal. 

Are you ready for the challenge?

Miss Peep

by Margaret Moran

Miss Peep decides to bake some of her favorite cookies, but discovers she’s out of the main ingredient. She takes off across the fields and by the pond to the grocery store, seeing some animal friends on the way. Once there she picks up a few more things, making a beg mess as she shops. On her way home, something terrible happens! Will she get to bake her delicious Corn Cookies? Funny and beautifully illustrated, this book is perfect for reading to babies and for first readers.

Miss Peep is unforgettable! She makes every day an adventure!

The Legend of the Freckled Finn: Mermaids Fantasy Childrens Book Mythology Fairy Tale Graphic Novel

by Eileen Lubore

Long ago, on a remote Irish island simple folks went about their lives unaware that mysterious Mermaids were all around them. These magical mermaids and mermen could even dance on the shore under the full moon. It was on this island that a freckle faced little girl’s love for the sea changed her destiny and made her a legend.

Crida del laberint (Catalan Edition)

by Lanny Disero

L’estrany assassinat va portar a esdeveniments estranys. L’únic testimoni (i ella és un sospitós) es va trobar en una situació molt desagradable, va oblidar qui és i no pot defensar-se. Per tant, per seguir el rastre de l’assassí, un altre que de moment no revela les cartes. Mentrestant, l’enigma pot estar amagat en un laberint, poderós, bonic i fantasmal. Qui és ell, un amic, que obre la porta del coneixement i ajuda a recordar, o l’enemic, que aprofundeix i aprofundeix en el lloc on no es pot tornar? Per esbrinar, cal passar pel laberint, provar les màscares que ofereix, les cares d’una realitat il·lusòria, indistinguible del real.

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