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Flash Back: A Novel (The Fountain Book 1)

by Ellison Blackburn

That inevitable breakthrough plus an irresistible opportunity equals the second chance of a lifetime.

In the not too distant future, a bioengineering breakthroughâ??touted the modern-day fountain of youthâ??will alter humanity forever. However, all change begins with someoneâ?¦

Like many people, Charley has regrets. On the verge of depression and bored with life, she longs for the road not taken. Then one day an unlikely answer presents itself in the form of cosmetic surgery. For the unimaginative Renovation is just another anti-aging procedure; for Charley, it could be the second chance of a lifetime.

Allowing her to transform from fifty-four to seventeen cellular regeneration would bring those many long-since buried dreams within her grasp again. And the best part: behind the fresh face of youth she would be the sameâ??except it would seem as though she was gifted with hindsight. With all her past experiences and memories on her side, she could pursue a new career and have a bit of youthful adventure as well. Two things only Renovation can promise.

Still, her decision would warp her life in unimaginable ways, creating a chasm between herself and the ones she loves most in this world.

Given a chance would you drink from the fountain’s waters? Maybe you’ve heard the saying: “If I only knew then what I know nowâ?¦” Read Flash Back; it will leave you questioning and re-questioning whether the gift of hindsight would be worth risking everything.

FLASH BACK is a character-driven, speculative, mind-bending story for fans of social science fiction and literary fiction with a hint of romance. (Previously titled Regeneration X.)

What readers are saying about Flash Back:

“Absolutely stunning speculative/sci-fi book!” â??â??â??â??â??

“Sci-fi that reads and feels a lot like literary fiction.” â??â??â??â??â??

“It’s rare (if ever!) that I can say a book changed my life – this one did.” â??â??â??â??â??

BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from Second Nature, book two of The Fountain trilogy.

In Search of Joel Gomez

by Ted Fink

In Search of Joel Gomez is a gritty epic adventure of Philadelphia writer and father-to be Mickey Mazen who loses his life savings in a failed business and must put his dreams on hold to survive. To save himself, he enters the lucrative but grueling enterprise of buying and exporting the American eel, a prized delicacy in Europe and Japan.

Mazen’s new business takes him on a perpetual road trip, from the fishing villages of Nova Scotia, to the rivers of North Carolina, and ultimately deep into the jungle of the Dominican Republic in search of the elusive, and increasingly overfished, eel.

As the competition encroaches on his fishermen, greed, deception and crime rear their ugly heads and Mazen is in a constant battle to keep the business alive. But what he discovers at the end of his journey, is much deadlier than anything he could have imagined and he is forced to make a choice that will change his life forever.

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