Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 05 Mar 18

The Mature Mail Order Mother (Widow Mail Order Brides Book 7)

by Susan Leigh Carlton

Widowed and almost forty years old, Sally’s chances of finding love again are getting smaller by the day. The only men in her small Virginia hometown are either much older or married.
Luke’s wife died giving birth to their second child. The horrible things he had seen and done during the war, coupled with the loss of his beloved Becky overwhelmed him. His children needed a mother and he needed a wife.
Who would want a forty year old man with a fifteen year old daughter and a five year old son? Lonely, Sally decided she had to take a chance and answered his ad.
At their age, what does life have in store for them?

Startup of A Billionaire: A Book for Cleaver, to get Rich and Know, Why Intelligent People Live Ordinarily

by Debendranath Behera

This book teaches what are the hidden energy within you and how they are working scientifically. Why do people stay ordinary and why they work for others after higher education. This book beautifully describes the equations which engineered an ordinary person to a Billionaire. It will seriously damage your ignorance and will create a high level of courage to act on the success equations.
The traits that are the raw materials of a Billionaire can be acquired easily with the formula, Result=(db2A+f)t. The main reason people struggle financially is because they don’t know the leverage equation, Action=k(P+M+S)T, the result is that people learn to work for money. But stay poor.

Most people believe the present is a product of the past, but in real present is a product of the focused future. It gives the true knowledge, knowledge=CAU.

This book teaches you the seven secrets of the secret and thirty three sensors of all Billionaires which make and keep them at the position billionaire. This book beautifully describes how to get out of Cat Race with changing your master thought,

“The present is a product of the Future.”
This book forces to act with right wisdom. It creates all the five forces which are generated in Arjun, Narendra Modi, Anna Hazare, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Bill Gates or in all Billionaires inside you to act with removing all your ignorance and force you to perform with good deeds to become a person of importance in the society. The main reason people stay poor as they don’t understand these forces or, unable to create the forces within them due to ignorance. Ignorance comes from low as well as extra education, hence right education is necessary for success. Performance is more important than skill and knowledge.
This book describes there are only two types of people in the world. The Poor and The Billionaire. Poor learn the skills and knowledge but does not perform whereas Billionaire performs with hiring skill and knowledge or learning it.

What Is the Trinity? (Crucial Questions Book 10)

by R.C. Sproul

The Trinity is truly a mystery. This doctrine teaches that the God of Christianity is one in His essence but three in His personsâ??the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Though the word Trinity is not found in the Bible, there is no doubt that the Scriptures teach this triune nature of God. Yet the concept still challenges our finite minds.

In this Crucial Questions booklet, Dr. R.C. Sproul carefully explains the doctrine of the Trinity, stressing that Christians worship one God who manifests Himself in three distinct persons. He shows what the Bible teaches and outlines the chief errors on this doctrine that have afflicted the church. Above all, he affirms that while this truth is difficult to understand, it is not contradictory. Rather, it is a beautiful expression of the biblical teaching on the nature of God.

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