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Peanut Butter and Passports: Driving Apes, Skivvy Skydivers And Travel Tales From Around The World

by Tom Gose

Tom Gose brings readers along on his travels to various places around the world. Starting with a trip to Hawaii, he recounts trips to Peru, Bolivia, Cuba, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland smoothly weaving his comedic narrative on practically every aspect of traveling.

The book includes:

What it is like to run off of a cliff?
The numerous downsides to the front wheel of your bike falling off while cruising downhill.
The awesome spectacle that is “people-watching”
Why it is so difficult to avoid laughing at times when you really want to.
Why drivers once saw the head of an ape behind the steering wheel of a car on the highway.

The spectacular aspects of each location are highlighted with 16 full color photographs and Tom Gose dives into the absurdities involved with traveling and all of the truly entertaining views of people he met and saw along the way.

The stories of his travels are melded with entertaining life experiences that impacted his decision-making process throughout the adventures.The book balances “laugh-out-loud” humor with respectful views of other cultures and explains why traveling is so important to developing a well-rounded view of the world and the people you share it with.

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