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Soul Full of Heart: Rated Raw Version

by Claude Ball

Claude Ball grew up on the famous Detroit, Michigan street known as 8 Mile Road, but his childhood marred by years of suffering, trauma and adversities. Poor, sexually molested by a trusted relative, removed from his mother and grandmother’s care and placed in the foster care system, life for young Claude was bleak.
As a teenager, Claude turned to self-destructive behaviors. He indulged heavily in drugs and alcohol which led to depression, sexual promiscuity and a series of other poor choices. Darkness and hopelessness hovered over his future like a destructive storm cloud. He lost nearly everything he owned, including himself.
Out of the smoldering ashes of destitution, Claude found the courage to rise up and turn his life around. He joined the U.S. Navy and began his search for fulfillment, which included a complementing life partner. It was during this time that, by the grace of God, a spark was ignited within Claude’s soul that enkindled a blossoming relationship with The King of the Universe – Christ Jesus! That flame continues to burn brightly today, helping to guide others from their dark experiences and into the light of recovery.
SOUL Full of HEART is Claude Ball’s story, taking readers on a dynamic and suspenseful journey that shares the powerful message of mercy and forgiveness leading to hope, peace, love and joy. It is an inspirational story. One that demonstrates how light carries us through the darkest times and how love conquers all.

Conociendo a Abraham Lincoln: Una Biografía de Lectura Rápida sobre la vida del Decimosexto Presidente de los Estados Unidos (La Serie Biografía de Lectura Rápida nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Cynthia A. Parker

Conociendo a Abraham Lincoln

¡Una biografía corta, pero interesante!
“Simplemente no pude dejar de leer el libro una vez que empecé a conocer todos sus logros y la forma en que Abraham Lincoln vive su vida”. – Bernard
¿Alguna vez ha deseado saber más acerca de Abraham Lincoln, pero nunca pensó que tendría el tiempo para leer una obra completa? Cynthia A. Parker elimina ese obstáculo, ofreciendo la oportunidad de conocer al XVI presidente de los Estados Unidos; aprender de su juventud y crianza, su temprana carrera, su vida romántica y, por supuesto, su papel fundamental en la congregación de la Unión en una sola, durante su mandato como presidente y en medio de la Guerra Civil.
Revise estas páginas y disfrute de la oportunidad de aprender la historia, pero aún mejor, de llegar a conocer mejor a Lincoln, a través de esa increíble capacidad de la autora para describir la vida de Lincoln de una manera tal, que anima al lector a continuar, haciendo de ésta una agradable e interesante Biografía de Lectura Rápida.
¡Se incluye con este libro Un Obsequio!
¡Su oportunidad de conocer más sobre Abraham Lincoln, leyendo una biografía con un paquete de información que no tiene 300-500+ páginas de contenido! ¡Compre este libro ahora, y en pocas horas usted sabrá más sobre Lincoln, su vida y las experiencias que formaron su carrera y lo hicieron tan influyente!
“¡Este libro es corto y minucioso! ¡Me encantó! Espero más títulos de esta autora. Ella presenta la información de una manera fácil de digerir y que deja mucho que aprender sobre Lincoln”. – Martin

Gandhi: Racist or Revolutionary?

by Pieter Friedrich

Gandhi has been called the “Father of India” and his name is often invoked as a synonym for peaceful revolution, compassion, and racial harmony. Many leaders, scholars, and academics have continued to uphold this narrative of Gandhi for decades. But is there another side to Gandhi’s legacy which has been suppressed? This booklet examines the topic of whether Gandhi was a racist or a revolutionary by delving into his words and actions on three major topics â?? personal morality, the caste system, and the African people.

Introduction to psychological features of investigative work: Easy course for understanding psychological principles in the investigation (Criminal psychology)

by Sam T Perulman

The ebook tries to systematizes the theoretical knowledge about the psychological aspects in investigation.
Very practically important, complex and controversial issues are singled out, the answers to which are justified from the standpoint of psychology.
The ebook can be interesting read not only for psychologist but for everybody else too.

Pete Maravich: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Most Skilled Ball-Handlers (Basketball Biography Books)

by Clayton Geoffreys

Learn the Incredible Story of the Basketball Legend Pete Maravich!

Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device!

In Pete Maravich: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Most Skilled Ball-Handlers, you will learn the inspirational story of one of basketball’s greatest point guards, Pete Maravich. While we are blessed in today’s game to observe the remarkable play of point guards such as Stephen Curry and Chris Paul, Pistol Pete was one of the first point guards to display many of the key ball-handling skills that we observe on a nightly basis in the game today.

A legend in his own right, his story is one persistence and hard work in order to achieve great things. When you learn Pete Maravich’s story, it comes as no surprise why he was one of the youngest players to ever be inducted into the Hall of Fame. In 1996, he was named one of the fifty greatest players in NBA history due to his remarkable creativity on the court. In this book, we’ll learn his story.

Here is a preview of what is inside this book:

  • Childhood and Early Life
  • High School Career
  • College Career and NCAA Legacy
  • Maravich’s NBA Career
  • Getting Drafted
  • Rookie Season
  • Back-to-Back All-Star Seasons
  • Trade to the New Orleans Jazz
  • Scoring Champion Season
  • Knee Injuries and Final All-Star Season
  • Relocation to Utah, Getting Waived
  • Joining the Boston Celtics, The Final Stretch
  • Retirement
  • Life After Basketball
  • Pete Maravich’s Personal Life
  • Legacy, Influence, and Contribution to the Game of Basketball

An excerpt from the book:

The NBA game today has become a spectacle filled with players with the flashy style and theatrics that wow millions of fans worldwide. Plays such as the behind-the-back dribble, the no-look pass, the between-the-legs dribble, and many other flashy moves are all crowd favorites. But basketball fans today forget the fact that there was one player who exclusively made the stylish brand of basketball his trademark on the court. That basketball legend went by the name of Pete Maravich, better known as “Pistol Pete” because of his penchant for shooting the basketball from the side like an old Western cowboy would shoot his revolver from the side.

We’ve all seen so many players do the flashiest of moves on the court that it’s not a novelty in the NBA anymore. No-look passes have been the trademark moves of Magic Johnson, Steve Nash, and Chris Paul. They did it at such a high level that they were among the best point guards or their generations. Furthermore, the behind-the-back pass is such a staple for Stephen Curry and Ricky Rubio that they do it at least once or twice a game. While those kinds of plays are always a joy to see, they are no longer a rare spectacle in the NBA. But in Pete Maravich’s days, he was the only guy who performed these flashy moves on the court. Pistol Pete became a crowd favorite and people flocked night in and night out to see his moves. He was probably the first basketball great to â??bring the playground and freewheeling moves to the NBA and he was a pioneer of today’s brand of basketball. Plus, he always played with great flowing hair that became his trademark do on the floor.

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ESTOY HECHO DE CINE: Conversaciones de Mario Gallina con un cineasta de alma: José Martínez Suárez Prologo de Juan José Campanella y Fernando Castets. (Spanish Edition)

Conozca a través de esta maravillosa obra, las opiniones sobre el cine de uno de los personajes Argentinos más calificados, José Antonio Martínez Suárez. Jose es un director de cine y guionista argentino. Entre sus películas realizadas se destacan El crack (1960) y Los muchachos de antes no usaban arsénico (1976). Su taller de enseñanza de cine es de fama internacional y en él se han realizado más de 120 cortometrajes premiados en festivales de todo el mundo.

Desde 2008 es presidente del Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata. En 2002 le fue entregado el Premio Cóndor de Plata a la trayectoria por parte de la Asociación de Cronistas Cinematográficos de la Argentina, el máximo reconocimiento del cine en la Argentina.

Tiene dos hermanas, las famosas gemelas Mirtha y Silvia Legrand (Rosa María Juana Martínez y María Aurelia Paula Martínez, de 1927). El director y productor cinematográfico Daniel Tinayre (1910-1994) fue su cuñado y la actriz Juana Viale es su sobrina nieta por la parte de su hermana Mirtha.

LA PASIÃ?N SEGÃ?N GARDEL: Vida y canciones del inmortal Carlos Gardel. (Spanish Edition)

by Lázaro Droznes

Un cantor, que personifica a Carlos Gardel, entona acompañado de 3 guitarras los inolvidables tangos de LePera. Entre tango y tango relata en formato de monólogo diversas anécdotas de la vida de Gardel para conformar un fresco del recorrido vital de Gardel, de la sociedad argentina de su época y del desarrollo del tango canción en Argentina y en todo el mundo. Hay una reescritura en Inglés realizada por el mismo autor en la que Gardel canta los tangos en Inglés.

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