Free science fiction Kindle books for 09 Mar 18

Beachhead: Invasion Earth

by Chris Lowry

Humans made their final stand on Mars and lost.

Now the aliens are coming. They want to occupy earth. They want to destroy humanity. They want to kill every last one of us.

But we are legion. Seven billion humans are tough to kill. Pockets of survivors band together to fight back. It’s hard to know who to trust. Human collaborates will do anything to live one more day.

The US mounts an offensive. They turn loose Lt William “Don’t ever call me the Kid” Bonney and his eight headhunters to wreak havoc on the invaders. Their business is killing Licks and brother, business is good.

But the Lick Commander has a plan. More betrayal.

When Bonney and his squad raid a supply train on the orders of High Command, they rescue a prisoner with a secret. One that will change the tide of war and help the human cause win. If they can last long enough to reach it.

Book One in the Invasion Series is an extension of the world built in PHALANX and PHYRRIC. Fans of dystopian military sci fi are going to love the adventures of Lt and his squad of misfits as they roam middle America siccing the dogs of war on alien invaders bent on colonizing earth.

WARNING: This book contains graphic language. There are enough F bombs in here to make sailors blush, so if you are faint of heart, do not read further. But if you can handle a little spice in your reading pleasure, then grab your copy and join the fight today.

The Beginning (Dark Paladin Book #1) LitRPG Series

by Vasily Mahanenko

Is it easy to survive in the game world? You could say yes, if you didn’t know what the additional conditions were. They are unusual: it’s the real world in which you have lived all your life. The enemy, craving to destroy you. Your own class who couldn’t care less about you. Are you still sure that survival is easy? Then welcome to THE GAME! It will prove you wrong.

Brothers (The Last Colony Book 1)

by William R. Hunt

In a starving and ruined world, Victor Gervasio has nothing left to lose.

As a former Delta Force operator, Victor believes he has planned for every contingency. He and his brother, Dante, a recovering addict, escape the madness of the city and take refuge in a remote New England cabin.

They have food. They have water. They have guns. Everything appears to be going according to plan.

Until Dante goes missing. The only clues left behind are blood stains on the floor and horse tracks in the dirt.

Caught in a race against time, Victor must rediscover his long-buried skills to navigate an unpredictable and ravaged landscape. Along the way, he must confront enemies old and newâ??including himself.

Loyalty will be tested. Blood will be shed. Sacrifices will be made.

How far will Victor go to protect the only family he has left?

Brothers, the first installment in the post-apocalyptic Last Colony series, is a tale of endurance, revenge, and the bonds of brotherhood. For more information on the future of the series, visit

Monsterland 2

by Shaun Whittington

Heading into the second week of this disaster, and our survivors, Gordon, Joan, Lloyd, Junior and the despicable Marvin are forced to go on the run once more from the infected, from the Runners.

Despite being in the Pennines, the number of Runners seems to be growing, and no matter where the group go, bloodshed always seems to follow them.

Will they eventually find sanctuary until the country is sorted out, or will they all finally fall victim to the infection, like the many millions across the nation?

Not for persons under the age of 18.

The House of Many Worlds

by Sam Merwin Jr.

THE CLASSIC OF ALTERNATE EARTHS! Ancient, encrusted with legend, supposedly empty, the old mansion on Spindrift Key stood like a dark and lowering wraith. In this classic science fiction novel the New York Times called “a fast-moving adventure, told with engaging humor,” reporter Elspeth Marriner’s nose for news leads her into a world of trouble. Make that, in worlds of trouble. When she and photographer Mack Fraser, the man she loves to hate, are sent to investigate the old mansion in the Hatteras, they never dream that once inside their lives will never be the same. For the house is a gateway to alternate Earths, watched over by a mysterious group called the Workers, who guard against more advanced civilizations crossing the dimensional barriers to conquer defenseless neighbors. From the Workers, Elspeth learns that her and Mack’s presence at the house is no accident. They have been personally selected by the Workers for a dangerous assignment. Their unique combination of talents and knowledge are needed to counter a threat that could plunge the entire world into war. If Elspeth accepted the assignment, she would have to cross to another world, aided only by her native ingenuity, then surmount a succession of plots and counterplots, with death the price of failure. Worse, she would have to work more closely than ever with the detested Mark Fraser. “Merwin has created characters that are human â?¦ House of Many Worlds is entertaining and realistic.” San Francisco Chronicle. “House of Many Worlds is an exciting … story, with a new and highly unusual twist â?¦ outstanding for its realistic characters and expert seasoning of thrills and horror.” H. L. Gold, Galaxy Magazine.

Trigger (Deep Darkness Book 2)

by Stephen Landry

The second book in the
Deep Darkness Trilogy.
This book can be read standalone or as a part of the series.

Two years since the ending of Pull.
Sev is now a soldier onboard the Elpis working for the alien collective known as the Aggregate alongside Aira and several other humans from Eden-3. After bailing Elante and the crew of the Scryther from a jail cell on Kreios a new threat emerges from a place outside ‘real’ space called the immer. Soon after Sev can only watch as a creature the size of a planet tears apart Kreios and the Cicatrix take from him everything he has ever known. Forced to make a truce with the Skrav, the aliens that have hunted them for over 300 years Sev must confront a destiny he doesn’t want as the universe turns against him and all of his humanity is pushed to its limit.

Zombies in the Woods

by J.D. Borough

What happens when instead of a relaxing camping getaway you find yourself at the beginning of the zombie Apocalypse?

It was supposed to be a lovely trip to their favorite campground. Ian and Beth Parsons find themselves fighting for their lives along with the remaining survivors against hordes of the undead while being trapped in the middle of nowhere.

The Great Chaining of Being (The Bohemian Trilogy Book 1)

by Ian Drew Forsyth

Three bohemians from the pastâ??a Machiavellian philosophe, a debaucherous malcontent, and a tortured poet on the edge of oblivionâ??struggle to assert their vision of utopia against an ever-expanding transhumanist future. Through many lives, they will offer an alternative to a digitally immortal, eternally young, and infinitely free societyâ??a society that happens to be consuming the past in order to survive.

As ambitious in voice and style as David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas, with an underlying fantastic core reminiscent of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, The Great Chaining of Being is an ode to all aspiring bohemians wherever, or whenever, they may roam.

TROPHY: RESCUE (The Trophy Saga Book 2)

by Paul M. Schofield

In 2065 A.D. the environment collapses, spawning plague that kills billions earth wide. The survivors are forced to take over every aspect of life. So begins the New Victorian Age. Now, 476 years later, the restored Earth and colonized Solar System are ruled by ten women Guardians who answer to the governing computer, CENTRAL. A severe genetic mutation is forcing mankind to extinction. The Keyhole anomaly, a wormhole in space, offers a solution: time-travel to transport genetically sound humans from the past. But a powerful underground organization is rapidly building their forces to eliminate the Empire and gain control of the Keyhole and the Solar System. Only the Planetary Control Corps (PCC) under the leadership of Star-Commander Abigail VanDevere and the dynamic team of Lieutenant Janet Rogerton, Pilot Kolanna Montoombo, Martin, and Panther stand in the rebels’ way as they rush to a great space battle at the edge of the Solar System. Will the strength and determination of the PCC be enough? Will they have time to succeed?

Trophy: Rescue is the second book of the Trophy Saga, a future look at a pivotal time in mankind’s history. At the end of the book is a handy glossary that fills in many details about the setting.

The Wrath of David (Part 1): An Apocalyptic, Revenge, Action, Thriller. (Wrath Series)

by Sean-Paul Thomas

This is Part 1 of ‘The Wrath of David’ Chapters 1-13.

‘For fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ and Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’ comes an Apocalyptic Action Thriller like no other.’

‘What would you do to avenge the one person you couldn’t live without?’


‘Vengeance is the ONLY thing keeping him alive.’

Great Britain… In the not too distant future, after a brutal, civil race war against immigrants and anyone non-white British, David, an ex-soldier with a tragic past and nothing left to live for sets off on a perilous journey of revenge and redemption into the heart of a lawless and unrecognizable, un-United Kingdom.

As David seeks the barbaric racist murderers who brutally butchered his own, mixed raced lover, he is joined on this dangerous journey into the stunning, yet unforgiving, Scottish Highlands by Louise, a young black Muslim girl, searching for her own missing family, in amongst the chaotic aftermath.

‘An emotional, roller-coaster ride of violence, vengeance, heartbreaking tragedy, and rip-roaring storytelling.’

‘A terrifying glimpse into mankind’s dark and brutal future.’

‘A book you will not want to put down until you reach the stunning conclusion.’

‘The final twist will hit you like a sledgehammer to the face.’

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