Free history Kindle books for 10 Mar 18

The World Is Not Ending But …

by Jack Grey

This book has been written as a factual reference to the true origin and ancient history of mankind up until the present day unlike the history we have been taught and led to believe. It is a true comprehensive picture of exactly what is happening today in our troubled world and the precarious future that awaits us all and how we can prepare. Whilst reading the book you must disengage from all stereotypical ways you have been programmed to think and look at the book as a factual timeline of history. Using key points of archaeological evidence and world events I would like to take you on a journey revealing the true origin and manipulation of our species, not that of the fabled creator who lives on a cloud, but the secrets of our consciousness, our being and the true meaning and purpose of our existence.

Timeline of the Renaissance

by John Rudd

A concise and comprehensive timeline of the major events of the period widely known as the Renaissance, from the death of Jacques de Molay in 1314 AD to the founding of Jamestown in 1608 AD.

Completely loaded with illustrations to for a rich reading experience, the Timeline of the Renaissance is perfect for anyone seeking to understand the great events that occurred during this historical period.

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