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Options Trading: How to Increase Your Income at Low Risk

by Charles Reis

While the financial realities of trading in the stock market mean that it is little more than a dream for most people, options trading is more affordable while still offer much of the overall potential for profit. If you’re interested in learning more, then Options Trading: How to Increase Your Income at Low Risk is the book you are looking for.

While once only the domain of the Wall Street elite, the ready availability of the internet means that anyone can take advantage of this unique investment opportunity without shelling out big bucks for a traditional brokerage account. Inside, you will learn how you can get started today with as little as $1,000 and start on the road to a better tomorrow. So, what are you waiting for? Take control of your financial future and buy this book today!

Digital Gold: This Book Includes- Ethereum, Bitcoin

by Branden Lee

When most people think about a digital currency, they will think about Bitcoin. But if you really want to find a currency that is growing, one that has the potential to be around for a long time and has everything that you need to help out a variety of industries, then Ethereum is the best digital currency for you to use.

This guidebook will take some time to talk about Ethereum and all the things that you can do with on this platform, especially when it comes to using blockchain.

Bitcoin is a household name that everyone wants to talk about now. Everyone is excited about how much this currency has grown in the past few years and many people watch the market as they are watching their daily news. While there is a lot of excitement that is around Bitcoin and how it is doing, many people do not understand what this currency is or how it works. This guidebook will take some time to look at Bitcoin and discuss everything that you need to know about the network, whether you are looking to purchase things, send money, receive money, or invest on the network.

There are a lot of exciting things to learn about Bitcoin and this guidebook will take some time to talk about them.

Day Trading: The Guide to Making Millions by Trading Stocks

by David Colberg

Day Trading: The Guide to Making Millions by Trading Stocks is the all in one beginners guide on how to start a new career in the exciting world of day trading.

In these pages, you will learn all about:

. What is day trading, and how can you make money as a trader?
. What are the tools and resources you need to start day trading?
. How to read the market with charts and technology tools.
. Find out about the most successful strategies for picking stocks and making money as a day trader, such as scalping, fading, momentum, range trading, and the wildly successful “sniper” method.
. Learn about how to avoid the restrictions of the SEC’s pattern day trader rule – start investing with the capital you have today.

This book will show you how the big moves made by the big investors create a window of opportunity for the little guy to make it big.

Whether you are planning to become a full-time day trader at a prop firm, or if you’re just planning to day trade on the side for a few hours a day, this should give you the tools to plan, understand, and execute a strategy day trading stocks, currencies, and more. This is just the beginning, though. The stock market is complex, and there’s always more to learn. You might start with a simple plan like scalping fast moving stocks or sniping on the FOREX exchange, and soon find yourself ready to move on to bigger and better things. Maybe you want to get into bonds, options, or futures. Many of the same principles that apply to trading stocks can be put into effect in other markets too.

By downloading Day Trading: The Guide to Making Millions by Trading Stocks, you’re taking your first steps into a great new career in day trading. Don’t wait to start making money – every minute that passes on the market could be a missed opportunity.

Cryptocurrency: This Book Includes- Cryptocurrency Investing, Bitcoin: Guide to Trading and Bloc

by Branden Lee

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin are beginning to become household names. The world of cryptocurrency is quickly changing, and having the ability to keep up can make it easier to join the market, and even make some money. It is not uncommon for people to jump on this network to complete various transactions and to keep their money safe. But one of the best things that you can do when it comes to digital currencies is use them as an investment.

This guidebook is going to help you to get started with your investment in digital currencies. Some of the things that we will discuss include:

-What are cryptocurrencies
-Why would I want to trade in digital currencies?
-How to set up an account
-What the blockchain platform is and how it can help make these digital currencies safe.
-How to keep your coins safe.
-The importance of mining digital currencies.
-Various methods of investing in cryptocurrencies including day trading, smart contracts, buy and hold, and more.
-How to pick a good strategy
-How government is influencing how well these currencies will do
-Some of the top digital currencies that you should watch out for in the future.

Investing in digital currencies can be a great way for you to make some money, especially with how quickly their value is rising. When you are ready to put your money to work for you, make sure to check out this guidebook and get all the advice that you need to be successful.

Ethereum: This Book Includes- Ethereum, Blockchain Technology

by Branden Lee

We’ve heard a great deal in the past few months about cryptocurrencies and how they are impacting the world. This book is not about that. It is a close look at the technology that these new currencies are based on. Through these pages, you will begin to understand how they work and why they are having such a major impact on our society.

Blockchain Technology goes much further than the idea of transferring money, its ability to adapt to nearly every type of industry and be used in a myriad of ways is a whole new phenomenon that everyone should be trying to understand. As you read this book you will learn.

-Why our current system is due for a change
-The original intent of Blockchain Technology
-Why it is being embraced by so many people
-The mechanics of the Blockchain
-Its future prospects and how it will impact society
-Alternative uses for the Blockchain
-Blockchain Mining
-A history of Bitcoin
-What’s waiting for us in the future
-The law and the Blockchain

We live in pretty exciting times when things are about to change in big ways. From the pages of this book, you can begin to decide where you stand on these new changes. You will understand the background of a revolution that is being fought not with weapons of destruction but with computer codes and algorithms. It won’t be fought on a battlefield but it will duke it out with the old system of things in cyberspace.

It is something that will eventually affect each and every one of us so we need to understand what’s really happening with Blockchain Technology so we can decide where we stand on the debate. Download this book now so you can begin to understand just how much our world is about to change and prepare for this next step into a whole new and modern world where the power is put into the hands of the people.

Options Trading: Beginners guide to get you started with Options trading

by George Graham


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Options Trading: Beginners guide to get you started with Options trading

Do you want to learn about Options Trading?

OÑ?tiоnÑ? hаvе bесоmе remarkably popular, еÑ?Ñ?есiаllÑ? in the U.S. Fаr frоm being соnfinеd Ñ?оlеlÑ? tо the inÑ?titutiоnÑ? аnd professional money managers, оÑ?tiоnÑ? trading iÑ? now mаinÑ?trеаm fоr “rеtаil” trаdеrÑ? frоm all wаlkÑ? оf life.

Thе соnсеÑ?t оf options iÑ? still, hоwеvеr, trеаtеd with fеаr аnd trepidation in Ñ?оmе Ô?uаrtеrÑ?. Whеn I firÑ?t еmbаrkеd uÑ?оn serious trаding, a friend warned mе аbоut whаt I wаÑ? gеtting intо, but trading саn bе аÑ? Ñ?аfе as you wаnt it to bе. The Ñ?imÑ?lе fасt iÑ? Ñ?оu nееd to hаvе a trаding plan that wоrkÑ?. It nееdÑ? tо keep your riÑ?k lоw аnd Ñ?оur Ñ?оtеntiаl fоr rеwаrd high. Yоu nееd Ñ?оur plan to hаvе Ñ?truсturе and Ñ?imÑ?liсitÑ? so Ñ?оu саn follow it every time. Over thе Ñ?еаrÑ?, mÑ? trаding plan hаÑ? become progressively Ñ?imÑ?lеr. Tо mаkе it аÑ? a trader, it hеlÑ?Ñ? tо dеvеlоÑ? the fоllоwing traits in this bookâ??and thеÑ? саn аll be dеvеlоÑ?еd.

Why oÑ?tiоnÑ? trading?

The mаin rеаÑ?оn fоr trаding оÑ?tiоnÑ? is that fоr a Ñ?mаllеr аmоunt of mоnеÑ? Ñ?оu can соntrоl a lаrgе аmоunt оf Ñ?tосk, Ñ?аrtiсulаrlÑ? with саll options. Call оÑ?tiоnÑ? аrе аlwаÑ?Ñ? сhеаÑ?еr thаn the underlying asset and Ñ?ut оÑ?tiоnÑ? uÑ?uаllÑ? аrе. Options аrе gеnеrаllÑ? mоrе volatile thаn thеir undеrlÑ?ing instruments; therefore, invеÑ?tоrÑ? gеt “mоrе bang for thеir buсk” оr mоrе асtiоn.

ClеаrlÑ? thiÑ? can lеаd tо dаngеr, but as Ñ?оu’ll Ñ?ее, it аlÑ?о саn lеаd to mоrе safety аnd Ñ?есuritÑ?. Yоu’ll also see thаt it саn mеаn much greater flexibility in Ñ?оur trading аnd еvеn givе Ñ?оu thе аbilitÑ? to mаkе Ñ?rоfit whеn Ñ?оu dоn’t knоw the dirесtiоn in whiсh thе stock will mоvе.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is options trading?
  • The Basics of options trading
  • Types of options
  • How to manage risk аnd the vаriоuÑ? oÑ?tiоn strategies ?
  • How to choose currency options
  • Thе lеvеrаgе inherent in oÑ?tiоnÑ?
  • The fundamentals of put and call options
  • Much,much more!

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Erupt With Joy: A Journey Of Exploration From Core Values to Cultural Alignment

by Hosamane J Savitha

Two terms commonly used to describe me – Laughing Buddha or “Laughter queen”. However, I could not believe my ears when, post diagnoses, every doctor said, “I was on the borderline of depression.” It made me thinkâ?¦. Was my happiness outward only? Why did it not reflect inwards? Which was my real self then?

I then embarked on the journey of self-discovery to find the missing link. The tensions inflicted on my
mind, unexpressed hurt and anger were wrecking me from within. These unwanted accumulations were
the root cause of my inner depression. However, I was able to discard these suppressed blockages,
through mindful self-awareness methods, compassion and loving attitude towards myself. Eventually,
the gap of outward and inward happiness started bridging.

This book is all about knowing, connecting, accepting and delighting your inner being. . Explore your real
self and gain self-mastery in almost every area of your lives with health, happiness and harmony.

Visit website Write to me at [email protected] Share your thoughts and
comments below; would love to hear from you!

Day Trading: Beginners guide to get you started with Day trading

by George Graham


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Day Trading: Beginners guide to get you started with Day trading

Do you want to learn about day trading?

DаÑ? trading is buying аnd Ñ?еlling Ñ?hаrеÑ? оf stock inÑ?idе of a day in trying to Ñ?rоduсе short-term Ñ?rоfitÑ?. Day traders сlоÑ?е оut thеir Ñ?оÑ?itiоnÑ? at the conclusion of еvеrÑ? Ñ?inglе dаÑ? and after thаt they Ñ?tаrt all оvеr аgаin the following trаding dаÑ?.
The rеаÑ?оn dаÑ? trаdеrÑ? сlоÑ?е out their Ñ?оÑ?itiоnÑ? in a Ñ?tосk Ñ?riоr tо the еnd of thе dаÑ? iÑ? bесаuÑ?е it саn be riÑ?kÑ? tо hоld a Ñ?tосk оvеrnight.

A trаdеr dоеÑ? not wаnt to get оut оf bеd thе nеxt dаÑ? tо diÑ?соvеr that the Ñ?tосk that wаÑ? bоught hаÑ? fallen Ñ?ubÑ?tаntiаllÑ? in value. Sо, bÑ? getting out оf thеir Ñ?оÑ?itiоnÑ? bÑ? thе еnd of the dаÑ? it safeguards thеm frоm the unknоwn riÑ?kÑ? оf holding a сеrtаin stock оf a соmÑ?аnÑ? оvеrnight.

DаÑ? trаding, аÑ? thе name Ñ?uggеÑ?tÑ?, mеаnÑ? trading-buying and selling-the Ñ?tосkÑ? оn thе same trаding dаÑ?. The trаding Ñ?оÑ?itiоnÑ?, uÑ?uаllÑ? though nоt аlwаÑ?Ñ?, аrе сlоÑ?еd bеfоrе thе mаrkеt сlоÑ?еÑ? fоr thе trаding dаÑ?.
Day trаding iÑ? diffеrеnt frоm аftеr- hоurÑ? trading whеrе the trаding activity соntinuеÑ? еvеn after the rеgulаr mаrkеting hours when the Ñ?tосk exchange сlоÑ?еÑ?.

SеllеrÑ? and buÑ?еrÑ? whо participate in dаÑ? trading are саllеd day trаdеrÑ?. Although dаÑ? trading еvоkеÑ? the imаgе оf a hectic trading асtivitÑ? in соurÑ?е оf thе trаding dаÑ?, it mаÑ? nоt bе so in actual practice. Yоu may mаkе Ñ?еvеrаl trades, say a dozen, in соurÑ?е оf a trаding dаÑ?, оr, you mаÑ? limit yourself tо juÑ?t оnе trаdе.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is day trading?
  • The basics of day trading
  • How to find the best stocks for day trading
  • How to manage risk аnd the vаriоuÑ? day trading strategies ?
  • How to manage thе riÑ?kÑ? оf dаÑ? trаding
  • Top Reversal Trading
  • Tеn cоmmоn dаÑ? trading mistakes
  • Much,much more!

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¡A QUE NO ES CAPAZ!: 3O Minutos Para hacer Realidad Sus Proyectos. En 3 Pasos . (Spanish Edition)



Somos personas como TU, no somos: escritores, no queremos ganar un premio nobel, solo tenemos una misión; Adaptar y transferir conocimiento para transformar vidas.
Vamos a compartir en 30 minutos, tiempo que te puedes demorar leyendo este libro, las mejores estrategias, secretos y consejos prácticos para que puedas lograr lo que quieras.
El agua físicamente a 99 grados solo quema y a 100 grados hierve. El agua hirviendo produce vapor y con este vapor puede mover hasta las turbinas de un barco solo un grado marca la diferencia. El llegar al 99 no es suficiente vamos a contribuir a que llegues a esos 100 y marques la diferencia. Claro está solo si QUIERES


El documento que presentaremos a continuación es una recopilación de vivencias, experiencia y conocimiento de coaching personal y gerencia de proyectos. Nuestro principal objetivo es que el lector no necesite de conocimientos previos específicos para poder entenderlo, así casi cualquier persona se podrá beneficiar de su contenido.
El contenido de este libro te ayudará a materializar cualquier idea que quieras llevar a cabo. Para lograrlo te presentamos una metodología teórico-práctica con la que podrás retarte a ti mismo y asimilar mejor el aprendizaje. Tendrás que poner de tu parte y seguir al pie de la letra las instrucciones que te presentamos durante el documento para que podamos garantizarte resultados positivos.
En el primer apartado te mostraremos algunos concejos para derrotar las limitantes que tiene tu mente que impiden que tomes la decisión de comenzar a materializar tu idea.
El segundo apartado será tu guía para planear y ejecutar tus proyectos, aumentará considerablemente tus probabilidades de éxito, siguiendo una metodología básica de planeación y ejecución.
Por último, pero no menos importante, después de que hayas aprendido a ejecutar tu idea, te daremos importantes concejos de cómo venderla.
Ahora que te explicamos qué puedes encontrar con nosotros, te invitamos a dar el primer paso, ¡manos a la obra!

Smartphone E-commerce: Your step-by-step guide for building world-class smartphone e-commerce stores

by Benjamin Gundgaard

MAXIMIZE your mobile e-commerce sales!
This step-by-step guide enables you to create world-class smartphone e-commerce stores that maximizes your online sales!

As Tamara Adlin, CEO at Adlin Inc. and former Customer Experience Manager at, puts it:

“Implement even a few of Gundgaard’s guidelines and watch your conversion climb!”

Here’s what you get with Smartphone E-commerce:

Best practice online shop templates & checklists to build an entire mobile store
This book guides you through all aspects of how to create lucrative e-commerce stores for smartphones, specifically tailored to maximize your profits and customer satisfaction in the future of online shopping.

Smartphone E-commerce provides you with templates & 204 guidelines for all parts of your smartphone e-commerce shop:

Product pages
Shopping cart
Up-selling and cross-selling
Customer retention
And much more.

World-class mobile e-commerce standards
Based on extensive user tests of the world’s largest mobile shops-including Amazon, eBay, ASOS, Walmart, and Debenhams-Smartphone E-commerce provides you with a detailed account of what they’re doing right, where they could markedly increase conversions, and how your smartphone-optimized online store could outperform even the biggest names in the e-commerce game.

Based on the customer’s real-life shopping experience
The methodology is based on the customer’s actual shopping experience, which includes crucial factors such as how to:

Maximize the customer’s first impression
Make it easy for the customer to navigate
Persuade the customer to buy your products
Sell more to each customer
Simplify the ordering process
Get the customer back to buy more

Who benefits from this methodology?
The methodology is written for you and everyone currently working with or interested in mobile e-commerce, optimizing or creating new online shops to facilitate purchases from smartphones, and providing their mobile shoppers with a positive and memorable experience. The Smartphone E-commerce methodology is particularly useful for:

E-commerce managers
Shop owners
Project managers
Usability consultants
E-commerce consultants
Online and also “brick-and-mortar” entrepreneurs looking to markedly increase their passive income!

Avoid erroneous investments
By purchasing Benjamin Gundgaard’s new mobile e-commerce methodology, you will increase your revenue potential while saving money on erroneous investments. Smartphone E-commerce shows you how to build your online mobile shop correctly from the ground up. This will undoubtedly help you save a lot of time and money.

Reference book for post-launch optimization
Each chapter provides you with a summary of the primary optimization principles and recommendations, and the end of the book contains a mobile web shop checklist with 204 guidelines to help you create your own e-commerce store. Thus, Smartphone E-commerce can be used as a reference book to enhance specific aspects of existing mobile sites as well.

Easy to read
Since this methodology is a very quick and easy read, you will quickly be able to build one of the very best smartphone e-commerce stores out there.


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