Free sports Kindle books for 13 Mar 18

Secrets of Better Skiing: Ski Tips Guaranteed to Help Your Ski Technique!

by Simon Dewhurst

“Simon Dewhurst has presented a simpleâ?¦manual with some advice that is pure gold.” 4 STAR REVIEW – see review on

Ski technique is simple and at last there is a book to prove it!

Forget intricate diagrams and physical contortions. There are none in Secrets of Better Skiing. Becoming a good skier is simply about a positive attitude, mileage, fitness and an ability to assess your surroundings.

Told with a sense of humour, Simon Dewhurst offers radical ski technique and simple ski tips that are seldom mentioned in ski instruction manuals. He has broken down the technical stuff and rebuilt it so that the learning process is lucid and simple.

Simon has been a ski teacher for nearly fifty years and has a vast amount of knowledge about ski technique. He learnt his craft in Scandinavia, British Columbia and the European Alps, and he still teaches privately in the European Alps. He was a passable club racer, and in 1987 skied at over 108 mph in the French Cup in la Clusaz, France.

Just a few of his FREE ski tips:

*USE THE SOLES OF YOUR FEET – your antennae! Look after them!

*DISPENSE WITH STYLE – of little importance to better ski technique.

*PUT EQUAL WEIGHT ON BOTH SKIS – when learning to ski in powder snow.

*MAKE A POLE PLANT – when learning to ski the bumps.

*LEARN TO FALL WELL – accept that skiing is a contact sportâ?¦with the snow!

How To Play Soccer: The Basic Rules of the Beautiful Game

by Anonymous

FIFA’s most recently published rule book is 140 pages long, which is a bit heavy for the casual player who is just becoming familiarized with the sport. For this reason, the simplified version below should allow you to learn the basic rules of football. It is also vital to note that although FIFA publishes an established set of rules, they are often modified by national and regional leagues and organizations. With that, you should ensure that you inquire with your coach, fellow players or league manager regarding any rules that deviate from the regular rules.

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