Free fantasy Kindle books for 15 Mar 18

Spiralchain: Gatemaker

by Jeremiah L. Schwennen

Everyone feels, at one time or another, like they just don’t belongâ??sometimes they’re right. Adam Childers is a seventeen year-old closeted gay high school student in middle America with an eccentric girlfriend and no one in whom he can confide. When Jara, a mysterious little girl from another world, reveals to Adam that he was born a Gatemaker, one of very few in all creation able to open doorways from one world to another, everything changes. Jara’s world suffers at the hands of a mighty warlord, and when she makes her way to Adam’s world she sees in him potential that he could never see in himself. Together, Jara, Adam, and Adam’s friends must travel to the medieval world of Onus and confront both terrible danger and their own fears if they are to set Jara’s world free and discover, once and for all, where it is they truly belong.
Gatemaker is Book 1 in the Spiralchain.

Night Creatures: Book 1

by Ebony Brightman

An elite Hollywood soiree. A cheating husband. A carnal encounter in the woodsâ?¦ It’s been a hell of a Friday, and the weekend has only just started.

For years, Nisa has secretly improved her husband’s screenplays. So when powerful movie producers invite them to an exclusive weekend getaway, it could be his big break. Too bad even big breaks can’t curb his philandering.

Nisa races to catch him in the act, but when she stumbles upon a savage creature, it’s a race for her life instead. Her struggle to survive uncovers pleasure unimaginable, and the strength to no longer live in her husband’s shadow.

By Sunday she’ll have a choice to make. Stay with the devil she’s always known? Or follow her heart, possibly into disaster?

My Name is Simon: I, Dragon Book 1

by Nathan Roden

A tyrant. A curse. The realm’s true kingâ?¦ isn’t human.

Six-year-old Simon is heir to the Morgenwraithe throne. Or at least he was, until his deranged mother murdered his father and placed an unbelievable curse on the young boy. Trapped inside the body of a dragon, Simon must flee the castle and try to survive in a kingdom where the scaly beasts have been hunted to near extinction.

When the boy-turned-dragon learns he can take human form once a month, he begins making allies. As the years go by and a vicious lord takes control of the kingdom, Simon has one chance to break the curse and save the realmâ?¦ but at what cost?

My Name Is Simon is the first book in the I, Dragon series, a set of captivating fantasy novels. If you like fast-moving plots, suspenseful sword and sorcery tales, and dragons galore, then you’ll love Nathan Roden’s fantasy with finesse.

Buy My Name Is Simon to experience the grown-up fairy tale today!

Contains a sneak peek of

I, Dragon Book 2

Rock And A Hard Place (R.E.S. Chronicles Book 1)

by Colleen Busse

Jake Morris is a well-intentioned, 13 year-old boy with a good heart. Trouble at home, and a relentless bully make his life miserable. He suffers from anger issues as well as poor self-esteem but finds refuge with his loyal dog, Berty. Life seems so complicated and difficult. Little does he know how incredibly tough the situation is about to get.

Jake finds a meteorite in a field near his school and learns that it possesses some intriguing powers that are both terrifying and exhilarating. These powers can be used for both good and bad purposes and it will be up to Jake to prevent the rock from falling into the wrong hands.

Jake’s choices will determine the fate of planet Earth and whether he is granted the opportunity to join an elite society of superheroes. Jake’s only problem is that he hasn’t always made the best choices in life. Sometimes the right choice feels wrong and other times the right choice doesn’t feel like a choice at all.

Can a boy with anger management issues, poor self-esteem, and who makes mistakes rise up to become a superhero? Is there something special about Jake that he has an opportunity to join the R.E.S. or do we all have it in us to achieve greatness?

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