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Aristotle: The Complete Works

by Aristotle

Aristotle (384-322 BCE) was a Greek philosopher and student of Plato who stunningly changed the course of Western philosophy. He has gone down in history as one of the greatest philosophers of all time. Cicero, the Roman statesman and philosopher, once called his writing style “a river of gold;” and his scope of thought and subsequent influence on the study of science, logic, philosophical discourse, and theology has led many to dub him “The Philosopher.”


Part 1: Logic (Organon)
Categories, translated by E. M. Edghill
On Interpretation, translated by E. M. Edghill
Prior Analytics (2 Books), translated by A. J. Jenkinson
Posterior Analytics (2 Books), translated by G. R. G. Mure
Topics (8 Books), translated by W. A. Pickard-Cambridge
Sophistical Refutations, translated by W. A. Pickard-Cambridge

Part 2: Universal Physics
Physics (8 Books), translated by R. P. Hardie and R. K. Gaye
On the Heavens (4 Books), translated by J. L. Stocks
On Gerneration and Corruption (2 Books), translated by H. H. Joachim
Meteorology (4 Books), translated by E. W. Webster

Part 3: Human Physics
On the Soul (3 Books), translated by J. A. Smith
On Sense and the Sensible, translated by J. I. Beare
On Memory and Reminiscence, translated by J. I. Beare
On Sleep and Sleeplessness, translated by J. I. Beare
On Dreams, translated by J. I. Beare
On Prophesying by Dreams, translated by J. I. Beare
On Longevity and Shortness of Life, translated by G. R. T. Ross
On Youth, Old Age, Life and Death, and Respiration, translated by G. R. T. Ross

Part 4: Animal Physics
The History of Animals (9 Books), translated by D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson
On the Parts of Animals (4 Books), translated by William Ogle
On the Motion of Animals, translated by A. S. L. Farquharson
On the Gait of Animals, translated by A. S. L. Farquharson
On the Generation of Animals (5 Books), translated by Arthur Platt

Part 5: Metaphysics
(15 Books), translated by W. D. Ross

Part 6: Ethics and Politics
Nicomachean Ethics (10 Books), translated by W. D. Ross
Politics (8 Books), translated by Benjamin Jowett
The Athenian Constitution, translated by Sir Frederic G. Kenyon

Part 7: Aesthetic Writings
Rhetoric (3 Books), translated by W. Rhys Roberts
Poetics, translated by S. H. Butcher

SELF-HELP3:ONE THOUGHT MAY CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Self help: Self help & self help books, motivational self help books, self esteem books, motivational self help

by Birister Sharma


Makes you realize your inner strength,thoughts,morals, conscience,wisdom,dreams,life’s lessons,self-esteem,self-confidence,self-believe and self-control.

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Whatever we thought it reflects our true identity. If our thoughts are pious, it makes us pious. If our thoughts are good, it makes us good. If our thoughts are corrupt, it makes us corrupt. Our thoughts make us divine. Our thoughts make us devil. It is because; before anything happens everything begins in our thoughts. We’re made of our thoughts. The way we thoughts the way we become. If our thoughts are strong, we feel strong and if our thoughts are weak, we feel weak. Our thoughts are like chemistry. It reacts with us and diffuses everywhere. Every thought impact us both internally and externally. If we ever allow our thoughts to roam freely, it’ll lead us somewhere else. Our thoughts are like the seven horses of a chariot. We’ve to control it; otherwise it’ll start controlling us. Therefore our thoughts need proper direction and proper guidance. It is only possible through our knowledge and wisdom.

Highlight of the book:

* This book is full of everyday simple philosophies.
* This book helps you to realize your inner being.
* This book guides you to the new direction of life.
* This book gives you new ideas and thoughts.
* This book helps you to apply in your day to day life.
* This book helps you to understand yourself better.
* This book brings you close to realities of life.
* This book enlightens you to the real world.
* This book tries to give you some great messages of life.


Extract from the book:

Do your work, don’t postpone it. Never allow your mind to postpone
anything in your life. Only a weak person postpones his work again and

Laziness makes you dull, though you’re alert. Your laziness is like a self
made disease. This will tear out your talent.

The best book always inspires you; it is like your best friend. The worse
book always despairs you; it is like your worse foe.

If you want to improve yourself, then first of all you’ve to ask yourself.
Always remember that nobody can improve you accept yourself.

If you know how to judge yourself, then you, too, know how to judge

Before you inspire others, first of all you should inspire yourself.



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Equality under the Constitution: Reclaiming the Fourteenth Amendment

by Judith A. Baer

The principle of equality embedded in the Declaration of Independence and reaffirmed in the Constitution does not distinguish between individuals according to their capacities or merits. It is written into these documents to ensure that each and every person enjoys equal respect and equal rights. Judith Baer maintains, however, that in fact American judicial decisions have consistently denied individuals the form of equality to which they are legally entitledâ??that the courts have interpreted constitutional guarantees of equal protection in ways that undermine the original intent of Congress. In Equality under the Constitution, Baer examines the background, scope, and purpose of the Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment and the history of its interpretation by the courts. She traces the development of the idea of equality, drawing on the Bill of Rights, Congressional records, the Civil War amendments, and other sections of the Constitution. Baer discusses many of the significant equal-protection cases decided by the Supreme Court from the time of the amendment’s ratification, including decisions on reverse discrimination, age discrimination, the rights of the disabled, and gay rights. She concludes with a theory of equality more faithful to the history, language, and spirit of the Constitution.

Lesbian Mothers: Accounts of Gender in American Culture (The Anthropology of Contemporary Issues)

by Ellen Lewin

Within a society that long considered “lesbian motherhood” a contradiction in terms, what were the experiences of lesbian mothers at the end of the twentieth century? In this illuminating book, lesbian mothers tell their stories of how they became mothers; how they see their relationships with their children, relatives, lovers, and friends and with their children’s fathers and sperm donors; how they manage child-care arrangements and financial difficulties; and how they deal with threats to custody. Ellen Lewin’s unprecedented research on lesbian mothers in the San Francisco area captured a vivid portrait of the moment before gay and lesbian parenting moved into the mainstream of U.S. culture. Drawing on interviews with 135 women, Lewin provided her readers with a new understanding of the attitudes of individual women, the choices they made, and the texture of their daily lives.

Women and Romance: The Consolations of Gender in the English Novel (Reading Women Writing)

by Laurie Langbauer

According to Laurie Langbauer, the notion of romance is vague precisely because it represents the chaotic negative space outside the novel that determines its form. Addressing questions of form, Langbauer reads novels that explore the interplay between the novel and romance: works by Charlotte Lennox, Mary Wollstonecraft, Charles Dickens, George Eliot, and George Meredith. She considers key issues in feminist debate, in particular the relations of feminist to the poststructuralist theories of Lacan, Derrida, and Foucault. In highlighting questions of gender in this way, Women and Romance contributes to a major debate between skeptical and materialist points of view among poststructuralist critics.

Obama’s Jihad With America: The Personal Opinions Of Gerald McCallum

by Gerald McCallum

The American dream is under assault. There are forces from within and without that have come together either wittingly or unwittingly to ruin our way of life and our constitution. Big money and politicians slowly erode the power of the common man. Contained herein are my opinions and referenced articles that get the point across.

How to Run for Local Public Office: A Beginner’s Guide to Running for Local Office

by Chris Gard

Every year, people decide to get involved in politics by running for local office. They admirably decide that it’s not enough to complain–someone has to do something to make things better! To those people I say “GOOD FOR YOU!” If more people got involved the world would be a better place. That said, many folks jump in only to discover that the process is not as simple as they thought. There are rules to follow, regulations to be aware of, and most of all-unless you want to get your clock cleaned-you’d better have some kind of strategy. I wrote this e-book to help the political novice run for local office and increase their chances of winning, especially if they’ve never run before. This short manual can help you save thousands of dollars and many wasted hours sorting through the ins-and-outs of exactly HOW to set up a campaign structure and actually take a real shot at winning public office. While this short manual does not guarantee a win, it does guarantee a better, more enjoyable process for you as the candidate and anyone else you pull in to help. Good luck!

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