Free science fiction Kindle books for 16 Mar 18

Battlefield Z Everglades Zombie: the Battlefield Z series

by Chris Lowry

Back in Florida and this ain’t a magic kingdom anymore.

Before the Z plague, Central Florida was home to millions. The virus wiped out the population and all that’s left are millions of the walking dead, bandits and people just trying to stay alive.

It’s chaos.

Dad leads his ragtag group into the madness in the last installment of his quest to find his youngest daughter. Action packed from the beginning, this book will keep you swiping to find out what happens next.

Grab your copy now.

Nothing to Lose Sleep Over: Short Fiction Inspired by Daylight Saving Time

by Daniel S. Carlson

This is a collection of short fiction which has been uniquely inspired by Daylight Saving Time. In the first story, The Present Only Touches You, as well as the second, Nothing to Lose Sleep Over, the characters find themselves, like you and I, directly impacted in some way by the biannual time change. The third story, Daylight, approaches the topic from another angle – one I believe you will enjoy.

Also included are two “6-Word Stories.” The writing of these snapshots of fiction is an exercise in succinctness. The challenge is to create enough structure (beginning, middle, end) that an entire plot could be outlined from merely six words, yet to still craft an intriguing concept that encourages the reader to fill in the blanks with their own imagination. The best examples will somehow also manage to trigger an emotional response. I encourage you to try writing some “6-Word Stories” of your own, and, if you are inspired by one in this collection, feel free to use the concept in your own works of fiction.

These stories are short enough to be easily read in one sitting. If the time of year is “Fall-Back”, you have an extra hour anyway! Now you know what you can do with your extra time. And, even if the season is “Spring-Forward,” the brevity of each is such that they won’t slow you down.

I hope you enjoy this collection of short fiction!

-Daniel S. Carlson

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