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Patrick Ewing: The Remarkable Story of One of 90s Basketball’s Greatest Centers (Basketball Biography Books)

by Clayton Geoffreys

Learn the Incredible Story of 90s Basketball Superstar Patrick Ewing!

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In Patrick Ewing: The Remarkable Story of One of 90s Basketball’s Greatest Centers, you’ll read about the inspirational story of basketball’s premier center, Patrick Ewing. Patrick Ewing defined New York Knick basketball from the 1980s through the 1990s. In an age filled with greats like Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller and John Stockton, Ewing played in one of the most exciting eras of modern basketball. The New York Knicks had quite a few deep playoff runs during Patrick Ewing’s time with them.

A hall of famer, Patrick Ewing drew fear from opposing teams when it came to scoring in the paint. The New York Knick defense was grounded behind Ewing’s efforts every night in Madison Square Garden.

Here is a preview of what is inside this book:

  • Early Life and Childhood
  • College Years at Georgetown
  • Ewing’s NBA Career
  • Patrick Ewing’s Personal Life
  • Impact on Basketball and Beyond
  • Patrick Ewing’s Legacy

An excerpt from the book:

If there is anything that defines Patrick Ewing, it is sweat. Throughout his 17 years in the NBA, Ewing was famous for the gallons of sweat that dripped off of him every single game. No one in the history of the NBA sweated as much as Patrick Ewing.

When you look back at Ewing’s career, he suffers from the fact that there seems to be no way to define him like there is for the other great centers in NBA history. Shaquille O’Neal was a physical monster, Kareem had his skyhook, Hakeem the Dream Shake, and Wilt Chamberlain his ludicrous numbers. Ewing may not have been quite as talented as those centers, but his sweat shows that he worked his hardest to make the conversation as one of the All-Time NBA greats. Ewing was projected to be a defensive talent when the New York Knicks selected him in 1985 with the first overall pick. While he became an excellent defender, he also developed a reliable postgame and helped lead the Knicks to many playoff series wins.

Ewing have never won a championship and he may have failed to defeat Michael Jordan’s Bulls and Hakeem Olajuwon’s Rockets; however, he never had as much as help as those two players. Despite his shortcomings in championships, Ewing remained a loyal Knick to the very end. While he may not have finished his career with the Knicks, he is still the greatest New York player in NBA history.

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Crabs: Photo Book of Varieties of Crabs Around The World, Animals Picture Book for Children, Teens and Adults

by Lisa Stewart

Crabs: Photo Book of Varieties of Crabs Around The World, Animals Picture Book for Children, Teens and Adults is a new released of World Exploration Series.  You will see multi types of Crab on sands, near rocks and more. 

Let’s start exploring the Crab World today!

Cricketers India will never forget


Talking about cricket, a legendary British cricketer once quoted that he had never seen such an enthusiasm for any other cause. Leaving our national sport much behind in popularity index, cricket is no less than a rage and a religion in India. This spirited success story could not have been written without vital contributions from some legendary cricketers who served the nation from time to time.

Strength Training: Complete Guide – Get faster, stronger and bigger! Training, Nutrition & Recovery! (Improve Every Day Book 1)

by Jakob Johansen

Packed with information and programs to help you take your knowledge and fitness to a whole new level!

This complete guide on strength training will take you through all aspects of fitness. After having read this book you won’t be needing a personal trainer ever again – you will know how to plan a good workout program, how to create a great and effective workout, how to plan a diet plan and how to follow it. The book contains an in depth guide on all the most popular supplements. And you will know everything important there is to know about optimizing recovery.

Reading this will help you reach your personal goals.

The topics this book goes in depth with:

-Planning your Weekly Schedule + Most popular types of training schedules
-A good workout
-Sets, Reps and Rest
-Progressive Overload is King
-Tools to boost your Metabolism
-Cardio is your friend
-Mind-to-muscle connection

– Nutrients
– Supplements: Full Guide
– How to plan a personal diet plan for your goals: Full Guide
– Meal Planning vs. Flexible Dieting
– 5 Nutrition rules for health

– Stretching vs Foam roalling
– Importance of rest
– Warm-up and cool-down
– Get enough sleep
– Meditation

BONUS: This book also contains 3 12-week programs!

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Improve Every Day
Improve Fitness

The SunPedal Ride РFrance: Tour de France en v̩lo solaire (French Edition)

by Sushil Reddy

Cet ebook contient des détails quotidiens de l’édition The SunPedal Ride – France. C’est une histoire d’aventure avec un message sur l’utilisation des énergies renouvelables.

Sushil et Rajendra sont allés à travers la France en juin 2017 sur un vélo électrique à énergie solaire et ont organisé des séminaires sur l’énergie solaire tout au long du voyage.

Le premier Tour de France sur Solar bike!

Paleo Rezepte: Gesundes und schnelles Kochen mit der Paleo Ernährung (German Edition)

by Anna Lena

Paleo Rezepte für die ganze Familie, die wird lieben!

Fühlst du dich in einem verlierenden Kampf mit dir selbst, weil du nicht Gewicht verlieren kannst?

Möchtest du den ultimativen Weg lernen, um gesund zu essen?

Was wäre, wenn du dein Körpergewicht einfach um 5-10 KILO reduzieren könntest und dein Wunschgewicht erreichen könntest? 

â?¨Die gute Nachricht ist, du bist gerade dabei, den einfachsten und schnellsten Weg zu finden, Gewicht zu reduzieren!

In diesem Paleo Kochbuch wirst du lernen â?¦

* Was ist Paleo? Warum die Paleo-Ernährung und was ist der Paleo-Ansatz?

* Wie Paleo Ihnen helfen wird, Gewicht zu verlieren.

* Was ist der nie zuvor aufgedeckte 14-Tage-Diätplan, der Sie dabei unterstützt, Ihr Gewicht zu reduzieren und Ihr gewünschtes Ziel zu erreichen?

* Was sind die 50 leckeren Rezepte, die Sie vorher nicht versucht haben, während Sie Ihr Gewichtverlustziel erreichen.

* Welche Lebensmittel sollten Sie vermeiden?

* und vieles mehr !

Von der Autorin kommt eine gro�e neue Sammlung von Rezepten. Dieses Mal bietet sie uns ihre wahnsinnig leichten und genussvollen kohlenhydratarmen Paleo Rezepte an. 

Das Paleo Kochbuch: Wenn Sie nach neuen unterschiedlichen Paleo Rezpten suchen, ist dieses Kochbuch für Sie.

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