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First Grade Math

by Derek Schuger

Math is easy for children. Their little mind is full of curiosities that will suck in any knowledge that parents and teachers are capable to provide. They just have to make sure the knowledge provided is in a way easier for children to absorb and accumulate. The catch of “Practice makes perfect,” is that only the proper practice makes the perfect. This is the proper practice workbook which provides ample practices at the proper challenging level for first graders. It contains over 450 well-designed math practices, including over 50 basic word problems. It covers counting, arithmetic, 2D/3D shapes, and learning of time and money. This book helps the first grader to build a strong foundation in math concepts and get ahead of their peers.

Books for Kids: 10 Different Alphabet Books for Preschool & Kindergarten Kids (eBooks for Kids, Books for Kids, Alphabet Books for Kids, & ABC Books for Kids. Book 11)

by Becci Lakeman

Books for Kids: 10 Different Alphabet Books for Preschool & Kindergarten Kids

This book contains 10 variations of the alphabet. There are 10 different ABC books in here. 10 in 1. 10 different set of the alphabet and pictures and words to associate them with.

What will your child learn in this book?

  • How to pronounce letters
  • The 26 letters of the alphabet with words and pictures to associate them with (10 editions)
  • Numbers 1-20 (pronunciation and tally marks)

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Handwriting Workbook

by Derek Schuger

Teachers have permission to copy and distribute pages from this book for classroom use.
Printing helps young children master legible writing, a skill crucial to future studies of math, English and language art. In this book, practice is included for letters, words, sentences and very short stories. The font is well designed suitable for young children handwriting practice.
One of the unique practices of this book is in the short stories sections. Children are asked to read the story and circle the unknown words and seek help from teachers, parents, or their friends about the circled words. Children will learn how to communicate and how to gain knowledge by asking questions, an essential schooling skill.

TOEFL Integrated Writing Task – 10 Real Tests

by Miracel Griff

Do you find it hard to improve your TOEFL writing score?
Do you find it frustrating when you have nothing to write?
Do you find it useless after you have memorised so many writing templates?
Do you find it boring to read those dull writing books?
Here comes the gooooood news!

This book is written by teacher, together with foreign writing experts, especially for the benefits of TOEFL candidates. It covers 10 real integrated writing tasks from TOEFL iBT (2015-2016) and the corresponding sample essays composed by foreign experts.

The real tests and the sample essays act as a compass, enabling you to gauge directions in seas of practices, approach the real TOELF iBT writing, learn from authentic English, and master effective skills for high score essays.

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